Monday, May 31, 2010

Corporal Platt, Your Room Is Ready Sir......

You can check-in anytime!!!!

Windows have been washed, mini blinds dusted off, curtains washed, dried, ironed & re-hung.....

Drawers cleaned out, closet organized, dusted, vacuumed, washed the floor....dust ruffle is downstairs waiting to be ironed (IT WAS DUSTY!!)I'll wait to put the fresh new sheets on until the day he is due in, I want them to be nice & crisp!!!

I was hesitant to clean Billy's room when he left for Boot Camp, it actually stayed just the way he left it MESSY for several weeks. I rushed to get it done right before leaving for Parris Island to bring him home....I did the same thing when he left for MOS and again when he went back after the Thanksgiving holiday, yes and Christmas too. This last time nearly killed me, I was so upset when he left....things weren't good here the last day he was home. I needed a few more minutes with him just to hug and squeeze and I wasn't getting it and well I had a melt down. Billy was upset, I was crying...things worked out and we got to talk but I think about that every day & it just breaks my heart.

I didn't want him to go and I tried so hard to be strong but in the end I just fell apart. I clung to him so tight right before he boarded the plane and I just stood with my face pressed to the window and cried. Billy had a window seat and watched me watching him, I blew him a kiss, he smiled back at me and he taxied on down the run way and off to Japan.

We stood there at the gate for a long time, I waited until his plane took off and just kept standing there. The airlines staff told me to take as long as I needed ~ Thank you, that meant so much not to be rushed out, I wish I knew your name so I could tell you thank you from the bottom of my heart.

A few minutes later he sent me a text message, told me not to cry, he'd be back before I knew it...and that he loved me. I still have his texts and all of his voice mail messages, silly I know.

The hardest part is watching him walk away....

Billy Platt, hurry home!!! I miss you so much....

Please keep praying for our Troops, Justin, Justin, Blake, Ryan & Mark ~ May God Bless & Protect you!!!! Please pray for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice & ask for prayers for their families!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!!


  1. Nothing silly about any of this! I cherish every moment and none are small or insignificant! We have all of these moments to keep us going and yours are sure special to you, to Billy and certainly to ME! Keep these thoughts close to your heart and SOON, REALLY SOON... Billy Platt will be laid up in that bed, making the biggest mess and YOU will be happy to see it all! Have a blessed day dear Lynda, HUGS!

  2. Ok...I am now crying because I know that feeling oh so well!! You are not silly you are a Marine Mom!! :) I have cried over some of things that others would think I was crazy...but not a Marine Mom...they know exactly why I am crying!! I am so excited for you to be getting that Marine back home and you will get to sqeeze him and kiss him and he will get in that nice clean room and mess it up and leave it again but this time not go so far away!! YAYY!! Well you enjoy your day and know that I know exactly how you feel!! LYLAS!!

  3. AHHH.... You brought tears to my eyes. Praying it is really soon that you are united. I understand the need for a military... but it's so hard to separate families. I remember when my brother went to Viet Nam. Tough time. My heart is with you! xoxo

  4. Nothing silly at all about that. I would save those texts and voice mails forever. I'm getting so excited for you!