Monday, June 14, 2010

Never Ask Your Lab To Assist You In The Garden...

Ms. B isn't very good at planting, she'd rather eat the dirt and bite all of the blooms off of my pretty little plants....NO I DIDN'T GET pictures, I was too busy chasing her all over the place!!

She ate the flowers off of most of my begonias, took my gardening gloves right off of my hands, ran off with my little shovel, stuck her entire head in the bag of potting soil and proceeded to eat it, ran into the house with muddy paws, ran back out with my new dishtowel, dropped Piggy in the dirt and then shook her off in my face, snuck out of the yard when I opened the gate to get the hose, pooped in the driveway (I had to clean it up), tipped over my pretty little red & white pansies, stole my flip flop while I was kneeling down......

Then she tried to make it up to me by giving me a sloppy, WET, MUDDY KISS!!!!

Needless to say, I just finished cleaning up the deck, hosing off MS. B, cleaning my floors & showering...

WHAT A NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

I ordered Red Sox Tickets for Mr. P & Billy, it will be Mr. P's birthday next Monday & I thought that would be a nice surprise for the both of them!! They should have fun!

Well, I'm exhausted....

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God bless, please KEEP PRAYING IT REALLY WORKS!!


  1. What? No video of all of that? Oh how I would have loved to see it, should have been captured for future viewing... hehe! The Red Sox game sounds like loads of fun! Great Birthday present:)

    Enjoy your evening Dear Lynda, rest good and it's one day closer:) HUGS!

  2. Yes...I agree with Ganky...You should have captured all that on video for us!! And girl tickets to the red sox game...your guys are gonna be sooooo happy!! Enjoy your evening...LYLAS!!