Wednesday, June 9, 2010

10 Days + A Few Hours And Counting.......

10, since it's already the 10th in Okinawa I am checking this day (the 9th for you & me) off as DONE DONE DONE!!!!!

This was my first hug on Family Day, OH I COULDN'T WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON HIM!!!!

This time Mr. P will probably be scraping me up off of the floor in the airport...UMMMMM 911 please be on stand-by LOL!!!!

My sign came in, I cannot wait to hang it!! We're still not sure what time Billy will be arriving or what airport we will be picking him up from, gee you think he'd call with those MINOR details!!!

As soon as I know anything, I'll let all of you know...until then I just wait, organize, re-organize, dust, re-dust, fluff & re-fluff.......THIS WAITING IS KILLING ME!!! 18 months is TOOOO LOOOONGGGGG ~ GRRRRRR!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless and most importantly PLEASE keep praying for all of our Military, Justin, Justin, Ryan, Blake & Mark ~ we're thinking about all of you & praying for your safe return!!!


  1. Oh my dear Lynda! 18 months is WAY too long to not see your Son or get to hug him! I am so happy that you are closing in on getting him home, that you will get to keep him for a while and I am thankful for his safety! Love you my friend and happy that your heart is filled with joy! HUGS and prayers for all of our fellas!

  2. Oh wow!! How cool to see the pictures on family day. I do remember that gym and the marching heels coming in on the floor, platoon by platoon. They looked oh so handsome! But where was Justin???? IT WAS SO HARD to tell them apart.. so many of them. but his sis found him from way up in the stands. :-)
    Thanks for sharing the photos and stay cool Marine Mom...he's coming! HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. So close... those last days seem to drag along, but it will be here soon. (((hugs)))