Monday, June 28, 2010


Well, the party was a success, the food was delish, we partied until the sun came up!!! And BOY OH BOY AM I TIRED TODAY!!!!!

I did all of the cooking, meatballs, lasagna, pasta salad, chicken wings, "crabby patties" cheese & cracker platters, & a chocolate cake. It's Mr. P Birthday today so we celebrated his b-day along with Billy's homecoming :)

Mr. P manned the grill and made some yummy burgers & dogs!!!

My mom made some ranch style beans & my mother-in-lawn made a delicious Portuguese pork dish & a cobbler...Auntie Fran brought over some brownies & we all ate & drank until we popped!!!

Billy, Alex, Roman & Cameron peeping over the shoulders :) these guys were at my house every Sunday for Patriots Football from 7th grade right through to high school graduation!!! Great guys! We had so much fun with them yesterday & last night!!

Cracking himself up :)

A little vino would be keeno!

Paul, Mike, Nik, Tom & Mom!


Snacks a-plenty!

My Guys!!!!

My Marine, oh how I love him!!!!!!!!!

I think you know these two....Ms. Nikky & Billy ~ being fresh :)

Mike, Nik & Billy ~ don't ya just love them :) I SURE DO!!!!

My SISTERS!!! We haven't been together for a long time & well yesterday was a very special day & I was happy to have them with me!!!
Leanne, Me, Laurie!!!

Than was my day & night in a nutshell!!!

Hope you enjoyed, wished you all could have been here with us!!!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!!!! Please keep praying IT REALLY WORKS!!!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS, loved the pictures but my FAVORITE is you and Billy all hugged up:) Makes my heart skip a beat. It's hard to remember when you were having so much trouble getting him home, right?

    Love it that you got to see your Sisters and all of the family! Mr. P sure looks like he was enjoying his special birthday gift!

    Big hugs from Ganky! Get 'choo some rest my friend!

  2. Happy Days...but not the sitcom....THE REAL THING!! Loved all the pics. I know that Marine is glad to be away from that island. I hope he enjoys every single moment til he has to report to LeJeune... So glad he is back in the good ole U S of A!!!!! There's NO place like home.
    Hugs and hope you have some more time off!

  3. Oh...It looks like that Party was so much fun!! I am so glad you all are enjoying that handsome Marine!! All my young girls that read my blog just think Billy is soooo "HOT!!" hehe!! And they are jealous cause I know him and is friends with his mama!! So funny!! I hope you recover well and continue to enjoy!!! LYLAS!!!

  4. It looks like you all had a fabulous time. Food, family, friends, and fellowship - yep, sounds like a perfect day!