Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's Already Friday In Okinawa......

Yes, it's already Friday morning on that side of the world....Billy will be checking out, saying his "see ya later" to his Marine Family & heading on home to US.

I can only imagine what he must be feeling, a few of his close friends/family have already left Oki to move on to their new Duty Stations. He fell in with a good group of men & women, they cared for one another, encouraged one another and loved one another. As his friend Brian said in a group photo of all of them...."To Days That Become Nights and Friends That Become Family" ~ they will always have a bond with one another and I know that they will all be missing one another terribly....some will meet up again, Billy will be back with guys he went through Boot with, Catrina will be stationed down in DC (just up the road a spell from Lejenue ~ hehe)....Brian is heading off to Cali, a few of the others will be back in Oki finishing off their tour & heading who knows where!

All I know is that.....

Some heroes wear capes......mine wears combat boots!

Hurry home Cpl Platt, we have been missing you for so long now!!


  1. Oh, my goodness,I cannot wait to hear all about it.

  2. Oh I pray for all of Billy's friends as they go their seperate ways! I am so excited for you! Savor every moment, it has been way too long! Squeeze him until you can't squeeze anymore and post pictures when you have time:) Love you bunches and I am proud of you for being strong and keeping the faith!

    BIG HUGS from GANKY!

  3. I am so excited for you and your family! You all have been away from Billy for so long and I jsut can't imagine how you are feelig...although I am getting some of those feelings!! Cause I will be seeing my Marine in about 20 something days!!! hehe!! Enjoy your evening!! LYLAS!!

  4. Semper Fi....Marine Moms can say that too.
    always faithful, always loyal, always there,
    always got their back stateside. It's what we do. Getting 5 packages out to the PO today for some Marines...
    God bless 'em
    Stay calm....Have a super day. Deep breaths...
    Know I am thinking of you very hard for me to imagine what you are feeling today...thumbs up - high five - RAH and huge hugs MM sis. Love your Calvin and Hobbes! :-)

  5. wow... life is sweet and God is good! Enjoy your reunion! We are all happy for you!!! hugs and loves!