Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Welcome Home Marine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the longest weekend of my life, the longest Monday on record & you all KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT THAT DASTARDLY DAY OF DAYS ~ our Marine is finally home!!!!

We waited & waited.....

What a feeling, that first hug was, well, words cannot describe it...see for yourself!!!!

I couldn't breathe, I couldn't talk....I couldn't let go of him!!!!!

Mr. P & Billy.....they were hugging on each other and laughing & crying!!!!

Mema (my mom) & her grandson!!!!

Grandma & Grandpa...we had a houseful & toasted our Marine with champagne :)

Ms. Nikky celebrating her brother's homecoming...I tried to get a picture of the two of them out in the driveway. Nikky is the older of the two but she is so much smaller than Billy & he swallowed her up in a giant bear hug!!! She was on her tiptoes hugging him & crying (I was locked in the car, Billy & Mr. P locked me in)

He was starving & I had cooked him a big batch of chicken parmigiana, Italian roast beef & ziti ~ what a face!!!

We're having a big welcome home party this Sunday for him!!! His friends were here last night for a bit, they were so happy to see him!!!!

I'm exhausted but oh, so happy and relieved!!! Time to enjoy :) & get to know my son again!

Thank you all for your support & your well wishes!!!

Cindy, thank you for your calls & your prayers!!! Billy got the biggest kick out of us chatting it up last night crying & laughing!!! It's almost your turn & let me tell you THERE IS NO BETTER FEELING!!!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...please continue to pray for our Troops & especially Justin, Justin, Mark, Ryan, & Blake & those sweet Marines over in Okinawa, they are the best & I LOVE THEM!!!!


  1. Oh sweet Lynda! I am SO HAPPY that you have Billy home! I pray that all of you will cherish this time together because you have sure had to work to get him home!

    I told Cindy last night that I hoped someone got a picture of you when you first got to hug him! You know you are a REAL blogger when you hand the camera to someone to get that shot:)

    Sweet rewards for his time spent away, thank you Billy for your service! We love you and we love your Mama!

    Have a blessed day and welcome home HUGS!

  2. oh.... I feel like we all waited for this day! If he is anything like my nephew Justin.... he will sleep for the next 24 hours! lol! He looks so tired in the pictures. What a weekend for him too! I can't tell you how happy all your blogger friends are that follow your life! Please tell Billy thank you! And Lynda... thank you, too, for a mama that did a good job raising a wonderful son! xoxo

  3. So so so so happy you got him home FINALLY! Enjoy your time with him! You certainly deserve it. Keep us posted on how it is going!

  4. Just got home today..Oh what joy. I have tears in my eyes.... I want you to hug your Marine son, and tell him it's from another mama of a Marine... and I love him. I know he won't get it...but just tell him YOU get it... you understand. I send all the honor and respect I can muster up in my ssubbssuubba sniff snuff gratitude for him doing what he is doing. I know . I tell every Marine I meet that I thank them so much , and they say "Oh just doing my job Maam..." and I say NO. It is way more than a job. AND I want you to know I am grateful from the bottom of my heart. Please tell him for me Lynda... from a prayer warrior of his...
    Love and hugs. I am thrilled for you mama...
    Can't wait...Can't wait...Can't wait....
    God speed for Cindy Lou's Justin, and mine...
    Hugs dear MM sis. HUG THAT MARINE for me.
    Rah Billy.

  5. PS!!! You know I gotta ask..being a 3 dawg family....HOW DID THE DOGGIES REACT??????????!!