Sunday, June 20, 2010

Still Waiting On Our Marine......

Sorry for no blog yesterday, my mind was an entire world away. As the excitement grew on Friday afternoon so did all of the fears & the know we have always been the people that "if something is going to happen, it will happen to us" & HAPPEN it did!

I left for the market at about 7:00pm Friday night to finish up my grocery shopping, I was just pulling into the lot & my phone rang. It was Mr. P,

Mr. P "Lynda, Catrina just called here looking for you" she is Billy's friend/girlfriend who was in Okinawa with Billy & is also a Marine.

Lynda "What's wrong, what does she need?"

Mr. P "You need to come home,'s Billy"

My heart sank, I panicked, he was afraid to tell me that our son had had a problem with his travel arrangements. Billy couldn't get a call to go through to us, he call Trina & she called us.

Lynda "I'm on my way, call me right back with Catirna's number!"

Lynda "Catrina (she was bawling) what is it sweetie, is Billy o.k., are you o.k.?"

Catrina "Ma'am, Mrs. Platt....sniff, sob, sniff, Billy couldn't board the plane, he is stuck in Okinawa, Mrs. Platt, Ma'am please help him, please!!! He is crying and so upset."

Lynda "Catrina, hang up the phone and tell Billy to go to Solo's room, I have Solo's & Chix's numbers I am calling them as soon as I get in."

Catrina "Aye, Ma'am, Ma'am, please get him home. He misses you so much."

Lynda "Catrina, I am on it! I'll get him home, don't worry!!"

Catrina "Please keep me posted?"

Got in, Mr. P had a melt down, how I STAYED CALM was beyond me, BUT STAY CALM I DID!!!

I called his friend Abdiel, and spoke to him for a few minutes while Luke ran down to get Billy.

Billy needless to say was a complete mess, my heart was breaking for him for us, I mustered up my biggest strongest voice "BILLY CALM DOWN NOW, PLEASE...I can't talk to you if you are screaming, please pal, please...I'm going to get you off of that island if I have to swim there and throw you on my back BUT STOP SHOUTING!!!!"

Mr. P took over talking Billy, I felt so bad he isn't good in tense situations BECOMES A COMPLETE WET MOP!!!

Billy was not listening and wasn't being rational at that point and I was becoming very nervous for him...I called Luke's phone, he was with the both of them. We spoke for a few minutes, I tasked them with keeping MY SON SAFE & CALM...

Luke told me not to worry he was "on it", Abdiel wrangled the phone from Billy and I spoke to him...

"Ma'am, he's our brother and we will take care of him, ma'am you job is to get him off of this stinking rotten island"

I AM ON IT...stay by your phones, keep him calm and safe...I'll call you back!

Success or so I thought...I booked a flight, but....the attendant didn't realize that it was too late in the day in Okinawa and the flight couldn't be confirmed ~ Billy had left again at top speed for the airport...I wasn't able to tell him that he couldn't get on the plane....PANIC TIME!!!

I sat and waited for the call...and he was heartbroken and sobbing, I am begging them to please let me on the plane and they won't.

Luke called me, they couldn't stop him He ran off and jumped into a cab ~ HE WAS GOING HOME IF HE HAD TO SWIM!!!"

They were all in route, 3 GIANT SIZED Marines to wrangle my son back to the base....

"Ma'am, we have him, he's upset but we have him....we'll call you back"

Stay calm Lynda, just stay calm....

I spent another 3 hours on the phone with the airlines and this time I was successful.

"Solo (that's Abdiel's nickname" it's me, Mrs. P, I got him another flight & this time it was confirmed by the airlines ALL OF THEM. Can you guys get him back to the airport for 1500 Sunday afternoon?"

"Ma'am, I got it covered. I'll tell him the flight details and then have him call you back. We'll get him there and we'll take care of him, please don't worry ~ you have taken care of all of us with kind words and care packages for the last 18 months. We love your son very much, Ma'am we're Marines and when one of us is in need we will do all that we can to help him, no worries Ma'am!"

I cried a river at that point I couldn't stop, my sidekick, my wing man, my rock had fallen asleep on the couch in the computer room. "Hey, Big Guy....I think I got him a flight, go to bed I'll keep you posted....:/"

I felt so alone and so upset, my little coffee pot was working overtime. My son was stuck on the other side of the world...what did I do ~ cried, PRAYED PRAYED & PRAYED again...and DRANK 13 cups of coffee ~ UGHHHH!!

I have been awake since 4:30am Friday morning, my nerves are shot, I am shaking, I cannot stop crying...BUT I DID IT!

They got Billy to the airport and waited with him, hey they are Marines did you ever have any doubt!

RING RING RING....I dozed off at about 7:30pm last night and slept for about an hour when Billy called to say he was en route to the me and let me know how you make out, Billy be strong & stay calm, I have been praying all day. Son, we love you and you will get here please don't worry!

He called me back to say that he checked in and checked his bags ~ SWEET VICTORY!!! Thank you Lord for your strength & your help!!!

He flies from Okinawa to Osaka, to Germany then finally to Boston ~ PLEASE keep him in your prayers that he has smooth "sailing" no troubles at the airport, success at every check-in & on Monday night we should be seeing that beautiful face!!!

I've spoken to Catrina several times, she is such a sweet person! Solo & Chix ~ you rock!!! I love you guys and I owe you both so much! When I told them that, they laughed and said no thanks necessary, they both called us several more times to see how we were. They called me to let me know Billy was safe at the airport, they called to say he boarded the is an e-mail from Solo...

Abdiel Solis June 19 at 9:39am
Your welcome Ma'am, I appreciate the gratitude but there really is no need for thanks. Looking out for each other is what we do, we love him. I'll pray for a safe journey home for him, God knows he deserves it. I'm sorry things got so out of hand. Be strong Marine Mom!

I'll keep you posted!


  1. Ohh Lynda! I felt like I was right there with you! Wringing my hands and helping you finish each pot of coffee! Wow!!! I was so anxious to see how it ended, I felt like I was reading a suspense novel! I pray he has no issues getting home. Lord knows you deserve to see him!! Keep us posted! Tell MR. P Happy Father's Day from me!

  2. Oh sweet Lynda...I am SOOOOOOOO sorry for you. These are the "moments" in life we would rather live without. It's the ones we laugh about 20 years later and they make a GREAT story to retell, but OHHHHHHHHHH!!!! in the heat of the moment...Calgon take me away. Make this bad dream stop...WAKE ME UP!! I know that you literally would have jumped in your car, hopped a boat, hijacked a plane and somehow done what you had to do. You are a Marine mom. I remember when Justin was in the hospital with Pneumonia, and we weren't allowed (supposedly to see "recruits" while on the island.... I made phone calls like mad to get a liason and told my family I would MOVE MOUNTAINS in order to get into that hospital to be with him. (and WE DID!!!) I also remember the last 96 the Marines had before deployment, and I was picking up Justin and 2 other Marines to get them to the airport. One to Ohio, and one to Michigan. It took us 1 HOUR AND 45 MINUTES TO crawl off the base. The Michigan guy was NOT going to make his flight out to Mama!!!!! I told him to get on that cell and start making a plan B and I would do everything in my might including praying to my awesome BIG GOD to get him there and make them get him on that plane even if it was ready to taxi off. Lynda, I was going 90 MPH down the roads in Jacksonville and Wilmington...weaving and swerving around people PRAYING TO GOD TO KEEP US SAFE AND NO POLICE! I , innocent-take-no-risks little Julie was doing something I have NEVER done before. But thinking of getting that Marine home to see his mom was all I could think about. He could not find another flight out. I told him to check airports 100 miles out in any direction and I would get him there. WE got there. 3 Marines rushed in and barraged the counter and said we had to get that guy on the plane - he was being deployed in 2 weeks. a SWEET ANGEL Senior Man said he could do it...made all the calls ... told the Marine to RUN to the gate and he took off. Praise God. I told Justin I never wanted to do that again! But Marine Moms- WE ARE TOUGH CHICKIES. WE WILL MOVE MOUNTAINS AND HANG TOUGH FOR THOSE HEROES. LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I AM PRAYING FOR A WONDERFUL REUNION. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO MR. P! CHINS UP- IT WILL HAPPEN (just a little bit later -and if there's one thing I've learned in 50 years of life....-EVERYTHING happens for a reason girl.)
    Next words I want to see on this post- It's All Good!!!!! OOO-RAH! Semper Fi Marine Mom sis. you done good. you get a medal...woot!
    Now go to bed! Hugs Hugs Hugs...I know the adrenalin flow ....get some rest. Carry On!

  3. I felt like Tracy, too. Like it was a book. I am so praying and believing he will have a safe journey. Your reunion will be even sweeter.

  4. Oh honey! I read this sitting in traffic on the way to Church! I typed a comment and lost it! Well, needless to say, my heart broke to hear all of this happened to your sweet Son and to you and Mr. P! I was peeking in to see if you had blogged about the homecoming celebration and found this awful news!

    Dear Lynda, I am with Kelly... you two will be even more happy to see each other when he finally makes it home. I know from seeing Cindy at Church that he is REALLY on his way home. Get some rest if you can because you are going to enjoy this homecoming so much! God please bring Billy home safely to his Mama:) AMEN!

    Love you my dear and I will be praying for safe travels and happy reunions! HUGS!

  5. wow... you all sure had some drama. I'm so sorry. Why can't life be smooth sailing? Praying he gets home safe and you are holding him tight tonight! xoxo