Friday, June 25, 2010

I Really Need To Go To Bed......

Remicade, housework, party planning makes for one CRANKY MOMMA!!!!

I had to have my melt down in private I didn't want Billy to think I was off my rocker, hmmmm, he caught me screaming into the towels as I was folding them....what did he do/say you ask???!!! He laughed and told me I was too cute for words...I had steam coming out of my ears, I had been crying so my mascara was all over my face ~ I was one Hot Mess! He hasn't been around for a Remicade day in a very long time, I got the biggest hug from him!

I got all of the things done that I needed to do & got myself out to the market ~ so glad to have that out of the way! Cooking tomorrow for the PARTY WOOT WOOT!!

Billy & Mr. P were out most of the day, Billy bought himself a Ford Explorer it is a beauty!!! He had been saving up his money and had a nice down payment and the car dealer that they went to helped him out quite a bit...gave him a "Military Discount" ~ the sales person was in awe of Billy & was so impressed that he was serving his country!!! Thank you sir, you made my son feel very proud today!! I took a few pictures of it but they aren't very good, I get a few more tomorrow when it's in the driveway!! I wished him good luck with it! They will be driving it down to CLJ in a few weeks, Mr. P will be staying down there for a few days to be sure that Billy is settled in and to check things out so that we can plan a road trip down there!! He'll fly home (EEEKKKK HE HATES TO FLY)!!!

Well gals, I'm going to coot!!! Way to tired & WAY TOOOO CRANKY ;D

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless ~ please keep praying it really works!!!


  1. Oh honey!!! I have had melt downs so many times today, and I have not had Remicade!! I just have deploymentcade!!! But all is well!! I am so proud for Billy getting a new car! I know he will love it and will need it at CLJ...cabs are so expensive there! Well get you some rest so you won't be cranky for the party!! ENJOY....LYLAS!!!

  2. Oh ganky hug coming to comfort you. Deep breath my friend, deep breath. I can't wait to head to clj myself soon. Maybe we'll meet and hug in person one of these days. Love you all and I am SO proud for Billy and OF Billy. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I just dropped by to check in, and I found out that I totally missed the homecoming!!! See, I go on break for a bit and miss out big time. I'm so happy for y'all.

    Have a fabulous weekend!!!!!

  4. Love that clip art....Where do you get yours....I always enjoy reading your blog..I am putting it on my saide bar right now...Thought I already had it there...Happy Saturday