Monday, May 3, 2010

Flowers Are Planted.....

Mr. P spent the day Saturday building flower boxes, he did a great job, they are so nice. We spent the day yesterday planting & doing yard work....

A Marine Family Lives Here ~ OOH-RAH!!!!

My Lilacs, aren't they BEAUTIFUL!!!! It's been so nice here we've been able to have the slider & the kitchen windows open all day & all you can smell are these beauties!!!

My post wouldn't be complete without a few pictures of my Ms. B...enjoying her bowl of ice water ~ just a bit spoiled :) & relaxing in the afternoon sun with her Pink (stinky) Piggy....they go everywhere together....

That was my Sunday in a nutshell...sorry I didn't blog last night I WAS TOOOO DARN TIRED!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless ~ please keep up the prayers!!!! They really work!!


  1. The planters look great, and I love the flowers. My puppy has some cute (but stinky) toys as well. :)

  2. Tell Mr. P I want flower boxes...could he build me some? I love them!!

    I love the flags and the ribbon and I love the fact that a Marine family lives there!! I love the family and the Marines!!

    You have a great evening...LYLAS!!

  3. Mom! What happened to the lilacs you were supposed to give me on Saturday?

  4. Oh ! Lovely post! Love the yard and the beautiful flowers. That is what I call a riot of color. I love the mix. It's awesome. Course I love those hanging flags, and the back door bow is OOO-RAH. Marine Families! We are family, I got all my sisters with me....!
    Especially loved the furry part. My dogs have stinky carcasses they carry around, too! (they take all the stuffing out of every toy within an hour after I get it. So they just look like flat, deflated road-kill laying all over the yard and house...I empty the basket and wash all of them every so often to get rid of the grody smell... lol. Enjoyed all your pics. Have a great Tuesday! Hope you enjoy the Boston trip! Semper Fi!!!!! hugs.

  5. I want flower boxes too:) They are beautiful! He did a great job! I love Ms. B enjoying some sunshine with her friend and a little ice water! She deserves it:) Enjoy your day my friend! Hugs!

  6. Great job on the flower boxes, Mr. P! Everything looks like spring! Stinky pig needs a bath! :o Hope you have a great day!