Friday, May 7, 2010

Final Salute........

It was requested of General James T. Conway, Commandant of the United States Marine Corps that the Marine Forces Pacific provide support and full military honors for Sgt. John Gerber (ret.), his funeral will be in Guam.

Sgt. Gerber served with the 3rd Marine Division in the Vietnam War. He also founded the Pacific War Museum which contained his personal collection of WWII memorabilia. He was dedicated to the United States Marines and to the Veterans of Guam. The Commandant has granted a funeral with full military honors.

You are probably asking yourselves "why is she telling us all of this"....because Billy was asked to serve as an Honor Guard, he will be part of the rifle party firing the volley salute. His friend Brian will serve as pallbearer. These two honorable young men had all they could do to hold back the tears while trying to tell us (Mr. P & me and Brian's mother & father ~ she and I talk regularly). They feel so proud to have been asked and are so happy to be a prat of something so monumental. The funeral will be held on Saturday May, 15th, they were told to expect a lot of press but to keep their "EYES FORWARD" ~ they are there to honor a fellow Marine!

They leave Wednesday for Guam, they will be there for five days. During this time they will be given Liberty but are to remain with their "team", they will be able to take in a few sights, so they are packing their cameras.

We couldn't be more proud of the young man that Billy has become, I only wish that I could see him in his full dress blues, he will be so handsome.

Godspeed my little man, safe travels, we are so proud of you!


  1. Rah... Proud to know he will be serving this honorable man at his funeral. I'm sure it will impact him...One of those times where these guys have the emotions rise up that they keep pressed down most of the time...
    Semper Fi Billy. Hugs to mom...
    I know you ARE proud. Have a great weekend...

  2. WOW, tears in my coffee! I am so proud of him and I bet somewhere on the internet... you just might catch a glimpse of that handsome son of yours:) I will search too! That Billy is really getting to see the world! Have a blessed day my friend and I can't wait until he gets home! HUGS!

  3. WOW!!! I know you are so very proud!!! I am so happy for him and so happy that he is yours!! I bet you will be able to catch quick look at him somewhere, somehow!! You have a great day and we will all see if we can find CPL. Platt somewhere amongst those other handsome Marines!! LYLAS!!

  4. That is quite a son you've got. I know you're beyond proud. And the bracelet, love it. I've looked at them a few times myself. I think I'll just wait till someone gives me one. It'll mean a lot more than buying it for myself, ya know.