Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We Interrupt This Shopping Spree for Mr. Ps Vacation….

Oh Lord, please help me to be good....Mr. P is home and has intercepted three count them three packages from my good friend Mr. UPS man!!!! What's a girl to do??? PLEASE DON'T SAY STOP YOUR SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!

He is enjoying himself tremendously, it's turkey season so he's been out twice already hoping to bag a big ole' Tom...he got one last year, i tried it pretty good! He spent the afternoon in his "workshop" crafting quivers and new arrows ~ that is until that UPS man rang the bell!

Ms. B went for a swim and a short walk, her leg is getting stronger every day. She just needs to SLOW DOWN & learn to trust it!!

It's Marine Week Boston OOH-RAH!!!!! We're hoping to get there weather permitting Friday or Saturday!! Nikky & Mike are at Fenway Park tonight to see the Red Sox, she called me earlier to say that there were SO MANY MARINES EVERYWHERE :) her exact words were "I kept hoping one of them would be Billy" me too sweet girl, me too!!!

Tomorrow is RED Wednesday ~ so please remember to wear your red shirts in honor & support of our Marines & all of our military!!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless.....


  1. Well Mr. UPS man needs to make sure that he only leaves the packages with you or where only you can find them!! hehe!!

    I love Marine week...just love Marines period!!

    You have a great evening and tell Ms. B I said to take it easy so therefore not to hurt her leg!!

    Enjoy your evening!! LYLAS!!!

  2. woot! RAH Marine Mom...I know you'll be in red.
    When I see another Marine it's all I can do to remain calm and not go up and scare the daylights out of them...shaking their hand, hugging, (probably accosting them in their minds!) and thanking them. There was a little kid with his mom in a Wal Mart wearing a MARINES camo shirt, and I walked up to his mom and asked if they had a Marine, and she looked at me funny and said NO, and then said..."ohhhhh the shirt..no, he just wanted a shirt like that"....
    oh well. Marine Moms do crazy things...
    Have fun!! hugs..

  3. Arrrggghhh... I typed this big long comment and it didn't post! Oh well, let me see here... Perhaps you should have your packages sent to me:) Ms. B sounds like she is getting better everyday! She is lucky to have such a great family to take care of her.

    I will put on my red today and show my support! I am like Julie when I see a Marine or a possible Marine family! Any word yet on Billy's possible come home date? I pray it will be soon:)

    Have a blessed day dear Lynda! HUGS!

  4. My Mr. P intercepted a package once and forgot to give it to me! I was fighting with UPS about not getting it and he walked up and the look on his face was priceless! It had been in his truck for days!!! UGH! Hope you get to go to the Marine celebration! Have a great day!