Monday, May 17, 2010

A Day At The Range......

Starring, Mr. P, his friend Gene & some cute little feathered friends!

Mr. P (left) & Gene (right), Mr. P has always hunted with a compound bow for as long as I can remember. When Billy left for boot camp Mr. P was lost in his days not having him here at home so he started to go out regularly to the rifle range where he met Mr. Gene. Gene shoots a re-curve bow & got Mr. P hooked, he even gave him one of his very first bows that he couldn't shoot anymore. They go out every day rain, sun, heat, cold...heck they were out there all winter long with a propane heater to warm their hands, CRAZY GUYS!

Since they have been regulars there EVERY DAY for the last two years they have made a few friends....this is Buddy, he waits up by the gate for them to drive in (they keep corn & bread in the back of their cars/trucks) Buddy chases them down the lane way!

He gets a few handfuls from Gene & then scurries off to pester Mr. P. Once he's had his fill he sits and watches, sometimes he hops up on the table where they keep their quivers and bows and rummages through their stuff trying to pull the arrows out. They think he likes the feathers!

The momma & papa geese were regulars for quite a while and then one day she stopped coming around looking for a handout, that is until her little babies hatched....Just look at how sweet they are. She walks them over to the edge of the pond, the papa goose stands behind them and waits until they all hop in one after the other and then they swim over to where Mr. P & Gene are waiting with the bread. They aren't shy at all and the momma is pretty friendly :)

And that's how Mr. P passes the day (unless I have a project for him ~ hehe)!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless....please continue to pray for Justin, Justin, Blake, Ryan, Mark, Billy and all of our men & women!!!


  1. Well it sure looks like Mr. P has loads of fun and probably doesn't like it when you have a project for him since it seems that he has so much fun out on the range!! You have a good day!! LYLAS!!

  2. What a fun hobby, I know he enjoys being outside and making friends! Looks like the furry friends are happy they are regulars:) Cute pictures of the Mama and babies! Enjoy your day my friend! HUGS!