Sunday, May 30, 2010

You're Driving Me Crazy..........

Did you ever have one of those days when your husband followed you around and chatted non-stop????? Really sweetie, I AM BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!!! It was hot here this afternoon & I was running around trying to sort things out ~ making a bigger mess as I went & Mr. P sweet as he is was making me crazy!!!

Usually he just leaves me to my projects but today he had a million questions, another million things to show me and so many things to talk about....Oi Vey :/

I finally gave up in Billy's room at about 12:45, more tomorrow and I should be all done!!! As for the rest of our afternoon, we sat outside for a bit and talked about our plans for Billy's homecoming, it feels just like the end of Boot Camp...the closer it gets to Billy being here the more I find myself crying :/ I'm A Hot Mess & perhaps that's why I was cranky this morning (that and Remicade weekends usually aren't very fun).

We had corn on the cob, turkey burgers smothered in onions, reduced fat blue cheese, topped off with reduced fat Swiss served up on a whole wheat bun ~ CAN YOU SAY NUMMY & a nice big salad...

Mr. P has finally stopped chatting, well, only because he's napping before heading off to work...

I love him dearly and he is my rock BUT SOMETIMES ~ POW RIGHT OT THE MOON....

Until tomorrow Be Safe & God Bless....please KEEP PRAYING it really works!!!


  1. heh heh...I know exactly what you are talking about...I will say "don't you have some stuff you want to get done?" Nope...just want to be with you.....uhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Tomorrow is another day! :-)
    Hey at least they want to hang around us instead of being out with buds and talking about us! :-)
    Have a great day! hugs.

  2. Oh Girl, I am the one here with the newly retired husband. He doesn't talk very loud and I say "HUH" a lot, but I love him anyway! Enjoy your evening and I can't wait for Billy to give you a big hug and lots of smiles when he gets home. I bet you have his room smelling fresh and extra fabric softener in his sheets! HUGS!

  3. I agreee with the hubby asking so many questions and wanting to be right up in my kool-aid!! We have been stuck at the beach for 2 days and I am ready to come home now!!

    Oh, as for homecoming...well I am a hot mess right there with you!! I think about Billy coming home and I cry! I think about Justin coming home and I cry!! I Think about Julie's Justin still over there and I cry!! I think that I need medication!! hehe!!
    Well enjoy your day!! LYLAS!!!