Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Feeling Hot Hot Hot.....

Last week I was wearing long sleeve tee-shirts & little cardigan sweaters to work....this week sandals & Capri pants ~ Oh Yeah!!!

It was sunny this past weekend but still a bit cool, and all of a sudden in true New England fashion THE SUMMER HEAT CAME ROLLING IN!!! It got up to 90 today, AC is running....who knows by the weekend I might be putting a log or two on the fire!! That's the thing about New England weather, very unpredictable!

My little flowers are looking beautiful, I'll take a few new pictures tomorrow. I have to get some more flowers for the back & for my whiskey barrels & a few hanging ones too. I want everything to look nice when Billy gets here!!

I'll have to be saving my pennies too, that boy can eat and he has been talking about home cooked meals every time he calls :) think he missed my cooking more than me ~ LOL!!!

Well I'm gonna scoot!!

Until tomorrow Be Safe & God Bless ~ please keep praying IT REALLY WORKS!!!


  1. He misses you the most:) but will sure love eating his Mama's cooking! The weather here is pretty much hot for good. Flip flops and capris for me EVERY day:) Comfy! Have a blessed day dear Lynda! HUGS!

  2. Girl, girl, girl. I love flip flops! You can never have too many. That little picture of the flip flop junkie was awesome. I'd like to have a big one. Jeff told me just the other day, how many flip flops does one person need. Hmmm... I'll let him know when I get there.

    Have a good day!

  3. Oh I love flip flops and I have tons of them...every style and every color of every style!! hehe!!

    And that Marine did miss you but I know as mine does...they miss that home cooking so much!! That is all mine EVER talks about!!

    Have a great day and enjoy this beautiful weather!! LYLAS!!