Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mr. P Has Had TOOOOOO Much Coffee....

Yikes, Mr. P figured out how to use the Keurig Coffee Maker, he's been brewing coffees all day long....he was buzzing all about the place when I got in tonight!

Said he felt like he was at Starbucks ~ what a nut!

He has to be up early tomorrow so I hope his caffeine induced high doesn't keep him up all night!

Now, about that nasty shopping habit I have....he'll be going back to work Sunday night & GALS LET ME TELL YOU THE GLOVES ARE OFF!!!! Shop till you drop baby :)

I got Mike the cutest "shower gift" just for him...I'd tell you what it is but he sneaks on and reads from time to time...let's just say that that guy loves to cook, and I hope he loves it!!!

This is a picture of the place where Nikky & Mike will be getting married!!!

Isn't is just breathtaking!!!!!!!!!

Well, I'm off....

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless....please keep up the prayers, they really work!


  1. I can't drink coffee after the morning, I don't have any caffeine late in the day. It really messes up my sleep and we can't have that! I hope Mr. P can sleep tonight:)

    Love the wedding spot, it is gorgeous! I know you all are getting excited. It will be here before you know it! Hope Billy can come.

    Have a blessed evening my friend! Hugs!

  2. Hahahahah...oh those eyes...Glazed over caffeine HIGH.... let's see how about this flavor next??? oh wait, I didn't try this one yet! WHO NEEDS COFFEE SHOPS???????
    heh heh...hope you both sleep...The beach is beautiful....
    Hugs to you, and glad you are having fun!