Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh No Not Again.......

Every picture tells a story "don't it"????!!!!

Monday comes tooo fast & stays all day!!! Shoo shoo GO AWAY Monday, you weren't invited!

Busy weekend, makes me not like you even more MONDAY!!! On a positive note one more week down one more Monday closer to getting my hands on Billy :) ~ the weather is going to be nice too so that makes it easier to get up and get moving when Mr. Sun is shining down on you!!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...PLEASE keep praying it really works!!!


  1. Well Mondays do come around very quickly!!! I hate them too!! Well it is over and we have 6 days until we have to deal with it again!! You enjoy and ILYLAS!!!

  2. Just another day for me but I remember when I worked... I hated Mondays! Happy you have good weather and can't wait to see the pictures of you and Billy when he comes home. Have a blessed Tuesday dear Lynda! HUGS!

  3. changed your background! Summery beachy umbrella look?? :-) Monday always has ended up being my wash and vacuum day...I don't know WHY..... (and I didn't do either today...) guess we know what I'll be doing tomorrow.... bleh.
    Why can't it stay that way...once its done???
    Have a happy Tuesday. Celebrate the end of Monday! :-) hugs.

  4. Monday is pretty much "just another day" for us, but I remember how much I disliked Mondays when I was in school and/or working.

    Those Garfield pics are classics. :) Hope you're having a much better Tuesday!!