Thursday, May 13, 2010

Trash T.V..........

O.k., o.k., I'll admit it I'm totally addicted to "trash TV" as Mr. P calls it!!! I don't really watch a lot of television, sports, the food channel every now & again, HGTV ~ I love House Hunters International so I DVR it...let's see, Ghost Hunters and of course QVC but that doesn't count since it's more like therapy after a long day rather than TV....

But, ohhhhh, I am ashamed to even tell you this....I AM SO ADDICTED TO THESE TWO SHOWS!!!!!!

What can I say, maybe it's genetics???? My grandmother was a Jerry Springer JUNKIE ~ she even order Jerry Springer "TOO HOT FOR TV" crazy lady....

I don't know why....maybe it's the money, the glamorous clothes, the cars, the houses...the outlandish behavior I DON'T KNOW ~ I just can't help myself!!!!

I've never watched American Idol, not once, Dancing With The Stars, you can keep it....I just don't have time! But I somehow manage to DVR these two shows and watch every Friday morning (I work four ten hour days so Friday is my lazy morning) Ms. B & me make our coffee and snuggle up together @ 4:30am-ish (she gets up early for breakfast) and I just sit and stare at the BOOB-TUBE....

So there you have it, it's out in the open more secrets...weeeelllllllll...maybe just a few more, if there are good "shows" on the Q I DVR it so I CAN WATCH & SHOP~~~~~~please don't tell on me!!!!????!!!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless.....keep on praying, it works!!


  1. I liked the Orange County ones. Today was the first time I caught the New Jersey gals... only because it was suppose to record a chef show and it recorded that instead. I haven't seen New Your. I love the Atlanta one! Cracks me up. Now you brought out my confessions! Hope you're happy!

  2. Oh I love Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice!! I mean LOVE those two shows...I DVR them!! You are getting confessions out of all of us!! hehe!!! LYLAS!!

  3. You TOOOOOOOOO Funny! Confessions of a Massachusetts Marine Mom!!!!!!! lol

  4. I have never watched either of those shows! I am pretty boring in the tv watching department! I love sports and watch all of them:) We love Two and a Half Men, Wheel of Fortune and all of the crime shows, NCIS is opposite Dancing with the Stars but we'll watch ALL of them on reruns! Hope you have a wonderful Friday! HUGS!

  5. You sound like me...We have taken Parker 10 times out of the last 10 years and the entire family three times and it never fails I feel those rush of emotions the minute we get on the Magical Express....IT really is magical....I hope the cruise does the same...