Saturday, May 29, 2010

It Rained On My Parade.....

Yes ladies it's raining here in New England, pouring actually!!! We were going to have a fire tonight & sit outside. I gathered up the chairs, Ms. B collected all of her toys and out we went. Settled in and got comfy and all of a sudden the skies opened up ~ GRRRRRR I had to collect the cushions, the toys, the blanket & run like heck!!!!

So I changed into my cozy PJs and we had a rousing game of Scrabble, Mr. P held onto the bag-o-letters so I couldn't cheat :/ NO FUN!!! Ms. B is pouting by the back door, & Mr. P is having a Margarita and smoking a cigar (I think that's why Ms. B is hiding out by the back door, she is offended by cigar smoke)

I worked all day long in Billy's room, I'm making progress...I am hoping to hear from him this weekend. His friend Brian flew out of Okinawa this morning, so did Catrina and while he has made many friends over there he was closest to these two.

21 more days and I get to squeeze the stuffing out of him!!!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless, please keep on praying it really works....


  1. Oh I am sorry it rained on your fun but GIRL I LOVE TO PLAY SCRABBLE! It is my favorite game. I play it on my iphone with one of my blog friends in California!

    I am so excited that Billy is about to be home! You have been way more patient than any of us and haven't seen him in way longer! You enjoy preparing for his return and we will all enjoy hearing about that big day!

    Hugs my friend and prayers for all!

  2. Scrabble woot! fun...Kurt always beats me when we play. Haven't played in a while. May be time to dust it off and play again.
    Heh heh...I'm with Ms. B...not a big fan of cigars... :-) but I know she loves Mr. P!
    Kudos for making progress on the room. Inspiring!!! Hope you have a sunny tomorrow.

  3. Well it sounds like you had fun even with the rain!! I love the smell of a cigar and could do without scrabble!! I have never got into that game!! But now about sqeezing the stuffings out of that Marine...well you just go right ahead and maybe even sqeeze him a couple of times for me!! I know you will be just beside yourself!! I just can not wait...I know that you will be one happy mama, doing the happy dance!! hehe!! Have a great day!! LYLAS!!