Friday, November 20, 2009

Sweet Little Face.....

If Cherubs were here on earth this is what they would look sweet.

Yup, she came back again today.......I was just getting out of the shower when she pulled in, she got a kick out of my pink fuzzy robe & slippers.

Laughed & played the day away. Her grandpa was trying to catch a 40 winks on the couch until she banged him on the head with her toy hammer :) ooops, SORRY Mr. P!

I kept pretending to fall asleep, she was cracking up funny!

I think more teeth are coming in she was drooling all over the place and chewing on her fingers...poor little darling girl :( but no tears not even a fuss.

After the rain stopped and the sun came out we sat outside and "sang songs" until she fell I'm in need of a nap.

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & Gos Bless!


  1. If only we had the energy that little ones have!! She is just precious!! Get you some rest and have yourself a good evening!! LYLAS!!!

  2. She is so sweet, love a sleeping baby:) They can really wear you out, love them to pieces. Little ones have so much energy... oh to have a tad of that! Have a happy Saturday, enjoy whatever you do!