Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Mind Is Blank.....

Did you ever have one of those days when you were so busy you didn't even have time to think??????? Well, today was one of those days....busy, busy, busy & now I think my brains are just exhausted!!!!

Finally got my phone call from my Marine this morning, he called us early Sunday morning, Mr. P got to the phone before me so he talked him all out. Actually, when we haven't spoken for a few days Billy tends to get really quiet when it's my turn to talk. I started telling him about Nikky's gown and he said he had to go, Nikky thinks it's because he misses us & she's probably right.

He has been super busy and just finished up with his 72, don't you know he had to pull a "double" work all day and then a night time run to Kadena Air Base to pick up rifles (I DO NOT LIKE THAT ONE BIT)~ he called me this morning I had just gotten to work...we had a nice long chat.

They were back in from the field on Saturday morning, so they were able to go out to Kin Town for Halloween night....they didn't have time to put costumes together so they cracked open the glow sticks they confiscated from HQ and slathered themselves up????? Look at this picture, he loves little kids and this little one got all of them to go outside and play "Tag" ~ the little boy told them Thank you Marines "you" good guys, LOL SO Cute.

He's getting ready for the USMC Ball, I bet he'll look so handsome in his Dress Blues, he promised to put up pictures :) & then they have the "Turkey Bowl" the day before Thanksgiving, it's a football tournament, his shop will keep playing until they are eliminated. I hope they win "LET'S GO HQ COMPANY", so he's been getting the guys up early for practice, he's SO COMPETITIVE!!! One of the guys can't play he's hurt so he'll be the "Team Photographer".

I'm trying not to think about the Holidays and Billy not being home, it just breaks my heart....

This picture is from last Christmas....

Well, I guess I did have something to write about after all :)

Until tomorrow, God Bless & Be Safe!


  1. Glad you got out of the writer's block. What a handsome son, tell him Ganky said Thanks for his service! I know it is hard to have him away from home for the Holidays but we will be right there with you:)

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  2. Well, lookie here! Your sidebar is updated. Was it what you did that I sent you or something eles. Just curious because Cindy's didn't work. Have a blessed day!