Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday Evening Post........

O.k. ~ take a look at this face!!!

Somebody gave her this swing for her birthday & there wasn't anyplace to hang it at her house so she brought it over this morning with all the rest of her stuff!!!!

Papa hung it in the tree, we watched and waited and let me tell you she watched and waited & waited and watched ~ Finally the swing was hung and what a blast she had....

Then we went for a LONGGGGGG walk...take a look at this kid, sleeping away without a care in the world...

Woke up & WAITED for lunch, grilled cheese & a banana ~ YUMMY!

She at every bite....

Now, I'm not bragging but she is exceptionally SMART! She kept looking up at the portrait of Billy in his Dress Blues, pointing & whispering "waaaas dat waaaas dat" ~ I said "that's your Uncle Billy" she kept looking at him and waved at him and said "ha" baby talk for HI, I think! And then clear as day Beeeeeleeee very long and exaggerated just like that! Next thing you know she was pointing at all of the pictures of Billy and shouting Beeeeeeleeeee, we laughed so much!

This is a picture of the two of them together when Billy was home last Christmas ~

I just finished putting my house back together and now I'm going to freshen up and off to the movies I go!

Until tomorrow, God Bless!


  1. Love the title of your post. Genius.

  2. Well, I am a pro at cute babies... and this baby is CUTE! I love the one of her sleeping, her little lips are just precious. I love the picture of Beeeeeeleeeee with her! Marines are the best-and Marines with babies, priceless!!!!! Have a blessed evening and enjoy the movies!