Friday, November 13, 2009

Here Comes Trouble & She Finally Figured Out How To Walk.....

Yup, that's right our Friday morning friend has figured out how to GET UP & GO GO GO!!!!! Yikes, I'm exhausted....

She was here, she was there.....SHE WAS EVERYWHERE ;)

She crawled when she needed to be somewhere in a "Hurry". She has a little blue blanky that she just loves but it was just to hard to drag it around and walk to so look what we did!

She looked like a little Sumo Wrestler, LOL!

I tied it around her so she could hang on and motor all about the house...she loved it. She kept going back to check herself out in the oven door :)

Lunch was spaghetti with meatsauce...she gobbled it up...

She loves to use the spoon & the fork AT THE SAME TIME, LOL!

Sharing some french toast sticks with her Papa ~ she is too funny, she growls at him when he chases her around!

Well, I'm going to scoot ~ I need to go get the cheerios out of my hair & take a nap before I go to bed!!!! Until tomorrow, have a great night Be Safe & God Bless!


  1. Little ones do keep you busy!! I am so sure that you enjoyed having her! You go and get you some rest!! Have a great evening!! LYLAS!!

  2. That is the sweetest baby girl walking. Isn't it great to watch them grow and learn new things? Great idea with the blanket. My granddaughters love to play dress-up, I thought it was a tutu:) Have a great weekend, get some rest!

  3. Ok, since I just met you, I don't know this little cutie! I will have to go through your blogs and research! That will be fun! I am guessing grandchild. She is absolutely precious. I love the spaghetti all over the face picture! Too sweet! Have a wonderful day.

  4. What a cutie patootie! I bet she does keep y'all hopping. Oh, well, that's good, right. Keeps ya young!