Monday, November 23, 2009

Special Delivery......

My "Blogger Give-Away" came today, I was so EXCITED to open it up!!!! Thanks Cindy :)

Look what I got...

I thought I'd hang this cute little stocking right here on my shutter until I get my I can see it!!!

I'll have to find the perfect picture of Billy for my new frame & the L decoration will be hanging on my tree too :) as for the little trinket box, that's going in my room so I can keep my rings in it at night (I have a bad habit of leaving them everywhere so Mr. P said Thanks Cindy :) )

Thank you Cindy, very much!

Mr. P is on vacation so my nice clean house looked like a war zone when I got in tonight MEN! Also, listen to this one, I bought a can of Poppycock this past Saturday during my travels. It was hidden in the pantry, I figured I could put it out on the table with the pies and chocolates on Thursday afternoon to pick at...

Well...hmmm, the Poppycock was found and ummmmm, gee "I opened it up and had to get the door for the mail man so I put it on the counter and it "FELL" off and onto the floor" DO YOU BELIEVE IT????? I do not :) ~ I think he ate it all, if you know Mr. P like I know Mr. P he never cleans anything up really well so I can always find traces of his spills around the house when he's home alone and guess what NO POPPYCOCK on the floor anywhere!

What a stinker! Oh well...

Until tomorow, Be Safe & God Bless!


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  2. My computer is just not doing right so I deleted my first comment and gonna try this again!! I am so glad that you got your package!! I can not believe that the poppycock would fall on the floor like that!! What a shame!! :)I think he ate it too!! :)
    Have a great evening...ILYLAS!!!!

  3. Sweet gift from my Baby Sister:) Isn't it fun to get stuff in the mail and it be that cute? Love the little ornament. You know I don't think I have ever had poppycock... weird, I just may have to grab me some today to see what I am missing! Have a blessed day!