Saturday, November 14, 2009

Boston, MRIs & Rain..............

Well I had to head on back up to Boston today for MRIs of my hips, not sure if you've ever had to have one of these thingamabobs before, they aren't so bad you just have to stay really still....I got to go in feet first since it was a scan of both hips, they wrapped me in a blanket like a mummy so that my arms wouldn't slip or jump when the nerves got to tired from staying so still. I actually fell asleep (nothing else to do), it took two hours, UGHHHH!

On the way in, the Charles River was to my right, we were sitting in some traffic so I was just content to look out the window when I saw something very strange.....

A Duck Boat, it's a World War II Amphibious Landing Vehicle & apparently they have tours of Boston on these strange things.....I had to look them up when we got in. They drive you through Boston & then splash down into the Charles River for a "cruise" around. I HAVE TO TRY THIS!!!!!!!

I kept staring and staring because I thought my "baby blues" were playing tricks on me...Mr. P got a good laugh and then he explained to me what they were, LOL!

After that it was off to the mall for a few items for Billy, I have some baking and wrapping to do tomorrow, we have to have his Christmas packages off by this week to be sure that they get to Okinawa in time for Christmas, he put in a LONGGGGGG baked goods request list, LOL.

And then my sweet little Byers' Choice Dolls are coming out & the lights are going up on my mantle along with those little cuties, pictures tomorrow!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!


  1. I have never had a MRI and hope that I don't but I know that I would have trouble being really still! We have one those duck rides here in Stone Mountain State Park!! I have never done it but it looks like it would be lots of fun!!! Yeah I will be doing so decorating come Monday!! Have fun and ILYLAS!!!

  2. I haven't had an MRI either but I have heard about them from my Brother. Hope the results were good! I have never seen one of thoses vehicles either... I would have probably called 911:) Have a blessed day!

  3. I Lynda. I have not had and MRI and had no idea they took so long! I know I have heard some people get really anxious inside of them. I hope all goes well with your results. I know your Marine can not wait to get his package. What are you making him? I hope you will post. I have never seen those duck boats, but it kindof scares me to think about driving into the water. It is already a fear I have. Let me know if you try it!! Have a great Sunday!