Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas Cookies & Decorations.......

I'd like to say that today was a great day but to be quite honest I was very sad all day long....we had to get our packages ready to go off to Billy so I was busy all day long. Please don't misunderstand, it isn't that I didn't want to do it for him because I did it just made me so sad thinking about him being so far away for the holidays. I wanted every cookie to be perfect and every Christmas package to make it without a wrinkle in the paper....the hardest part came when it was time to sign his card, I just sat at the table and cried & Mr. P just sat and held my hand.

But, there wasn't a lot of time for tears...I had a big fat mess to clean up in my kitchen and I so wanted to put my dolls out. So that's exactly what I did!

Next week my village....

Nikky & Mike came by so that was a BRIGHT SPOT they always make me laugh. so I am thankful for them today.....

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!


  1. oh Lynda...My heart hurts with you! Tears are flowing just reading...I can't say much except I love you and I am here if you need me!! You are such a special person to me!! Hope you have a great evening and as always ILYLAS!!!!

  2. Oh my dear Lynda, I read Cindy's blog and knew you had a sad day. What a sweet Mama to pack up all that love and send it to your Son! I pray you heart will feel good for what you did, see the smile on his face opening that box and smelling those cookies... Hugs and prayers for you and Billy, home is next for him:)

  3. Ohh I am sorry he can not be with you at Christmas. I can not imagine what that must be like. You really are so good to him to send the package full of your love. The dolls are really cute. Sending {{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}

  4. Well, thank you for sacrificing time with your beloved son so that he can serve and protect my country. I'm glad you put your dolls out and that you did have some bright spots in your day. Your son is a hero and maybe it won't be too long till he'll be back home with you again.