Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cleaning The Closet & Other "FUN" Things.........

No, this isn't my closet....I was TOOOOOOO ASHAMED to take a picture of my closet, lets just say it was BAD .....I figured I would just go in and straighten out a few things and wound up being in there all morning long, from there I went through the entire upstairs and then worked my way down. HEY THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A LYNDA DAY ~ LOL!!!! Well, I'm glad it's done.

From there I ran to Goodwill to drop off WAY TOOOO MANY BAGS, oh well hopefully somebody will be able to get some use out of all of that stuff. After that I ran to the market to pick up a few things....

Mr. P is out of town on a hunting trip until Thursday so I stocked up on my salad greens and Lean Cuisine's, YAYYYYYYYY NO COOKING FOR ME THIS WEEK!!!!!!

Now I'm off to the cellar to fold clothes and iron a few things & then I'm goin gto plop my butt down and RELAX :)

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!


  1. Girl, I actually did take a before picture of my closet and was too ashamed to post it. I cleaned it and it looks pretty bad again:) Oh well, sounds like you acomplished a lot and enjoy your no-cooking week without Mr. P. I know you will miss him but hey, he'll be back before you know it. Have a blessed evening!

  2. Enjoy your new clean closet and your week without cooking!

  3. Hi Lynda. I hate to clean out my closet but love when it is clean! I do not cook when my hubby is out of town and the kids have started saying stuff to me about it, so I did cook last night, just for them! I am a little late reading blogs, but better late than never, right? Have a great day!