Sunday, November 22, 2009


Tonight I feel like this little guy looks.....

Pooped, Exhausted, Zonked, Tired, Blotto.....PLUM TUCKERED OUT!

I've been doing a room a week, you know a really good down & dirty cleaning???? Moving everything, taking pictures down and washing the YADA YADA...well I saved the best for last my kitchen.

I have a vast collection of antique bean pots, whiskey jugs, tins, salt & pepper shakers, pie birds, roosters, oh heck you name it & I probably have it :( and today it all came down the cabinets were washed the "collection" was washed and everything was out back on display on top of my cabinets. Mr. P helped so it didn't' take as long as it usually does.

See, all clean & shiny. JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT!!!

Tomorrow night my Christmas China & then off to the store to get a new table cloth & napkins.....

I took a long hot shower and now I'm all wrapped up in my "snuggy" so until tomorrow...Be Safe & God Bless...

Oh,one more thing....this sweet lady called me last night to tell me that they had received a call from the USMC ~ Justin is her son, he is stationed at Camp Lejeune, he is on deployment standby, all gear is being shipped and they are just waiting for their orders to go. He will be home with his family this Thanksgiving, so please, please keep Justin & his Battalion in your prayers that they have a successful mission and return safely & please keep Cindy, Jeff, Britani & Bradley in your prayers too while he is away! Love Ya Cindy!


  1. Girl I was pooped yesterday too!! We had a day of rain and it always makes me lazy!! Still nothin from Justin and Thank you so much for being there for me!! You are such a special person to me!! Have a great day and ILYLAS!!

  2. Girl, you made me tired with all that cleaning and I felt like the first picture all day yesterday! Thanks for keeping my Justin in your prayers and for being there for Cindy! Love to all!