Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Getting Ready For Thanksgiving........

We ran around today picking up a few last minute things we will need to prepare our Thanksgiving dinner...the second most sought after dish next to Mr. Tom Turkey is the Portuguese Stuffing. Yup, that's right Mr. P is half Portuguese so he grew up eating his Grammy Miranda's stuffing and that's what he most looks forward to every Thanksgiving.

She taught me how to make it before she became to sickly & I taught Nikky, so tomorrow that is what we'll be doing.....I had to cut up the bread tonight and pop it in the oven on low, it will "bake" for a few hours until it is good and dried out!

You can't make Portuguese Stuffing without this.....

Cornmeal bread, OMG it is delicious, mmmmmmm! So dense and moist and sweet, yummmmmm!

And of course these are also equally important....

Chourico (there's more where that came from), Onions & Peppers...

This spice is expensive but it's a must!!!

SO that's just one of the things we'll be cooking up tomorrow in preparation for the big day & I have to say that I think I enjoy tomorrow more than the actual dinner because we just laugh all day long. It's one day that we both look forward to all year and I can not wait!!!!

Look what my Sweetie Mr. P picked to to try and make up for the "missing" Poppycock....

He's toooo much. Well, I'm off for now so until tomorrow Be Safe & God Bless!


  1. Yes mam we are making our southern (stuffing) dressing as we call it! Gotta get the cornbread made that goes in it tomorrow! Lots of baking to do but did get all the groceries bought!! Oh I love those chocolate covered cherries!! He would have gotten my forgiveness right then!! Have fun and enjoy the fun!! ILYLAS!!!

  2. Yeah, he would have had me at the cherries! I would love to hear how you make the stuffing! It sounds yummy! I am trying to catch up on blogs since my trip, so I am gonna have to back up and read what I missed! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving day and cooking day tomorrow!

  3. Have a fun day with Nikky! Sounds like my kind of day:) I guess you see we all love those cherries. OMG, I keep mine in the fridge so they crunch a little when you bite into them. SWEET! Have a happy day, your Portugese stuffing sounds delicious, I can almose smell it from seeing the ingredients!

    Love to all!