Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy October.....

It's October 1st, can you believe it???? Well can you??!!

It has been raining nonstop here all day long...everything is damp & sticky!

The weather man says that after this passes it will be getting cooler, I hope so because I am sick & tired of the muggies and I bought all of the ingredients to make my delicious homemade Chicken Noodle Soup for dinner tomorrow night! I don't want to be eating hot soup when it's 80 & muggy :/ ....

Junkin' tomorrow & heading to the garden shop to pick up a few mums, time to get my fall decorations up ~ we'll see, maybe I'll just skip right over Halloween and put out my Carolers ~ HEHEHE!!

Ms. B is feeling lazy this evening and really wants to go snuggle with piggy & me, so ladies I'll bid you all "adieu, adieu, to you & you & you"....

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless....



  1. Well Lynda, I actually just put on tennis shoes and complained the whole time. Marc said that I could wear my flip-flops and put socks over them:) he is so clever! It has really cooled off here in the South. Hopefully you will be next to cool off after the rain stops! Enjoy your evening and welcome home to Mr. and Mrs. Mike! HUGS! Love you all!

  2. Hi Sweetie...
    I hope you are finding some cooler days ahead in your corner of the country. We are still having triple digit heat here, and I am so SICK of it. I was off today and did not even step outside. I am just not handling the heat well this year since I got sick. I guess I just have not bounced back.

    I adore this chicken noodle soup, now it might be a little feathery don't you think. I would love you recipe for the real thing though. I love trying new recipes.

    Have fun junkin tomorrow. I can't wait to see what you find. Don't forget to share with me.

    See you soon sweet friend. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  3. Girl, I have pulled out the jeans, tennis shoes, and even a few thin sweaters!! I am so ready for fall!! I want to have chili for dinner and make home-made soups and build a fire and get my book and just read or my school stuff and study!!

    I am glad the new Mr and Mrs has made it home!! I wish them many many happy years!!

    Enjoy your evening!! Love you bunches!!

  4. We had mugginess the other day. Hated it. We don't see it too often around here. I will ask God to please give you cooler weather. ;D
    Glad to hear the newlyweds are home safe and sound. Those floods are terrible! Take care and enjoy the cuddling! I love cuddling with my pets!

  5. I'm so ready for cooler weather. 100+ degrees in October is not my idea of fall. lol! It's been humid the last few days (not east coast humid)as the storm clouds have loomed overhead. Unfortunately, no rain as of yet.

    I hope to get some fall/harvest decorations up today after we put down some mulch in the flower beds. I can't believe it's already October!!