Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blogger Is Not Working.....

No image uploads until 5:00pm on Wednesday 10.20.2010 ~ WHATTTTTTT!

What is up with this blog of ours???

Mr. P returned from his trip up north this afternoon, he didn't get a deer :/ he took Ms. B out for a trial run. She did really well, they'll be going out for a nice long romp tomorrow & hopefully will be coming back with a few birds!

I was glad to see that Julie was back to blogging :)

Happy to know that you all still love me even if I am a bit silly ~ LOL!

Making my holiday todo list, need to get things in order around here so that I can get my dolls & light up by mid November & get my house in shape for our Holiday Festivities oh and for our VIP, yes that's right our VIP Cpl Platt will be home for the Holidays this year ~ YAY YIPPIE YAHOOOOO!!!!!!!

O.k., I'm going to scoot!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless....


  1. Crazy blogger... Don't they know how much you like to use pictures? ;)

    Sorry Mr. P wasn't able to get a deer. With Ms. B's help, I'm sure he'll come home some wonderful birds tomorrow. :)

    I can tell that you're only a little excited about having that Marine home for the holidays this year. **grin**

    Have a nice evening!!

  2. woot! I know about blogger problems... sometimes I have to try and load a pic three or four times....DRives me CRAZY... Who has time for that? I sometimes even think WHY am I doing this??? But I know why. :-)

    I know Ms. B is just gonna be chomping at the bit to get out there and get her mouth on a bird!

    I know you are so glad to have that Marine here to celebrate the holidays. I am too.

    He and his youngest bro are headed up to Iowa for 4 days to spend some time with their dad when Justin gets his 21 day post deployment break first part of November. So he and Kam can catch up while they are flying.

    Kurt will get back here to NC the Wed. before Thanksgiving. YAY!!

    Have a great Wednesday! Hugs and Warm Fuzzies.

  3. Oh Lynda, I think it said that today at 5:00 you can't load pictures. Hmmmmm I'll have to go back and read the message:) Anyway, I am so happy Billy will be home for the Holidays! It is surely going to be a happy one around here too!

    Way to go Ms. B and YES I missed Julie too!

    Enjoy your day my friend! Love you bunches!

  4. I wouldn't know about loading anything! I just never have time to sit here and do a blog...but today I just may make the time!! :)

    Oh I am so happy you will have Billy home for the holidays this year!! Justin will be sliding in here for all of our festivities as well! I guess I better enjoy them when I can get them!! :(

    Have a good day!! I love you to very much!