Friday, October 8, 2010

A Chill In The Air.....

That's right ladies, I am wearing my flannel pajamas tonight!!! This is no laughing matter, I a ccchhhhhiiiiilllllyyyyy (simulated chattering teeth) ~ making a cup of tea and going to curl up with my book & my pup. Poor Mr. P is already sound asleep, Fridays are a long day for him. He doesn't rest when he gets in from work on a Friday and he goes until he runs out of steam.

I'm reading Legacy, yet another book on the life of Queen Elizabeth Tudor. This period in time fascinates me. I have read several non-fiction books on the Tudors and just as many novels based on historical facts & I can't get enough of this family!

Billy is heading to DC for the long weekend to see Katrina & take in a Redskins game on Sunday afternoon. Nikky & Mike are coming for dinner on Sunday, can't wait to see them :) :) :) & I am hitting the outlets on Monday with a couple of my girlfriends, now you're talking baby!

Mr. P & little Ms. B are gearing up for the opening of hunting season. They have been out for several very long walks & some really good swims hauling the training dummies & she has done really well. Just a little limping when after she is home and has rested for a while but she shakes it off and then she's good to go! I think getting out there has been good for her, she is starting to trust that leg again :) Yay Ms. B I hope you bag a bundle of birds this year!Well, I am going to scram.

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless....


  1. Oh My goodness!!Cutie Patootie Footie Flannel Pajamas!!!Bet you look adorable in your flannels. Glad it's not that cold down here yet. Not quite ready for THAT!!!
    Hugs to you for a great weekend and fun with your girlfriends doing what you love best!!
    So glad for an A+ report on Ms. B!!!

  2. Well I may have to find me a set of those jammies!! I LOVE jammies and I stay cold so they may work well for me! I am sitting here waiting on that Marine of mine to get home so I can squeeze him tight!! :)

    Glad all is well with Ms. B...Can't keep a good woman down!

    Well Good night and sweet dreams to you!! Enjoy the outlet mall Monday!! Love you bunches!

  3. I remember those footie pjs. It doesn't get cold enough here to wear them. Stay comfy cozy!!

    Munchkin is having a blast with Grandma and Grandpa. We're not sure how long they're staying, so she's enjoying every moment. :)

    Not sure what we're doing for the long weekend other than watching the Michigan/Michigan State football game tomorrow. I'm sure Munchkin will come up with some good ideas. ;)

    Enjoy your fun weekend!

  4. Funny thing about flannel, it makes me HOT! I sleep year round in a nightgown with string straps:) It is beautiful here in Vegas, the sun is shining and I am about to get out and do some "street walking":)and perhaps a little shopping! Have a great day dear Lynda! HUGS!