Friday, October 29, 2010

Worked My Fingers To The Bone....

Oh ladies, I worked my fingers to the bone today! I am very fussy about my kitchen & I have to have it just so! I took down the curtains washed dried ironed ~ washed the windows hung the curtains back up...washed the walls, the can lights, the fan, took down every single stinking knick knack. Washed them dried them, put them back up.

Ran to the market, back home put the groceries away & continued on with my housework. I am thinking about taking November 11th off that will give me two whole days to do the windows and the curtains in the rest of the house!

Then I am putting my Byers dolls & my white lights on the mantle and maybe even my candles in the windows...I'm the boss so I can decorate if I want too!! I want the house to look festive for Billy when he gets here for the Thanksgiving 96. He missed being home so much last year :? I am just so excited to have him here and to have our beautiful Ms. Nik & our handsome son-in-law Mike here. He's a big help Thanksgiving day, he loves to cook & he jumps in and helps with things! It is so funny to say our daughter and her husband, WHEN DID SHE GROW UP????

My kitchen during the overhaul & after, UGHH THAT'S A LOT OF STUFF!!!!!!!

Now I am going to relax & have a glass of "Eggnog" this is made locally and sells out fast. Ready made Eggnog, I have been holding off buying the real stuff! I just love it with some brandy & a sprinkle of nutmeg ~ MMMMMM HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Look at this crazy squash my mother-in-law sent over to me. Yikes it's huge! I will be slicing and dicing that up tomorrow. Cook it and then freeze it, I'll be making a yummy squash souffle with it!!

That's all I got, I'm exhausted!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...


  1. Oh, I was just looking the other day and all my curtains need to taken down and washed!! So I can that being done in the near future!! I have lots of nick knacks and so I was dusting furniture today and thinking that I had an awful lot of things just sitting around!! Oh well, that is just life!! :)

    Enjoy your evening and I think I will start decorating soon!! I love it and it will be a happy year this year with our Marines home so lets decorate it all up!! Love you bunches!!

  2. You are one busy chickie!~ running circles around me,...dang. I needed that post for some inspiration though. THANKS! sheesh, you make me feel like I have to NOTICE my curtains now. I DON'T WANT TO! I know they will be DIRTY!!!
    But I love thinking the thought of cleanness.
    Love that little sign "Enter With A Happy Heart."
    And YUM YUM YUM to the eggnog!!
    Hope you have fun getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Have an outstanding weekend. Are ya chilly 'nuff yet?

  3. Thanks for making me look at my curtains! I know they need cleaning too! I am not a fan of eggnog but those who love it, love it:)

    Isn't it going to be wonderful to have our Marines home for the Holidays! We sure all have lots to be thankful for!

    Love you bunches! Off to get some rest tonight... I HOPE! Enjoy your Saturday! HUGS!

  4. Hi Sweetie...
    For a minute I hardly recognized you when you buzzed right by me. You are like a wizard moving around you are going so fast. Whew, I got my exercise for the day just watching ya.

    Love it all sweetie. What a great time to get everything all cleaned up and nice and neat for company. I love the sign "Enter with a Happy Heart". That is just beautiful. I loved it most of all. Your kitchen is fabulous.

    The eggnog sounds wonderful. We have no locals made around here in the desert that I know of. Sounds good but I don't think my diabetes would allow me. Have a cup for me would you?

    Have a Happy Halloween. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  5. Now that you're done with your kitchen, will you hop a jet and do mine? Mine doesn't have all the knick knacks... but still needs a good cleaning. And I am sick. Please? And since you've come all this way, maybe you could do the rest of my house too? We wouldn't want to waste a trip. I will pay you with all the eggnog, brandy and nutmeg you can handle. And we will have the best visit! xoxo

  6. Sounds like a very productive and tiring day. I love all of your knick-knacks. I need to give my kitchen a deep cleaning like that. I'll probably do it before Thanksgiving as I like everything neat and tidy before the holidays.