Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sprouting Mushrooms....

If it keeps raining I'm am going to be sprouting mushrooms from my head soon...I feel cold, wet, oh & CRANKY!!!

Ms. B isn't very happy either, she is a crank-pot & she wants to go to bed...I heard her down in the bedroom trying to get MR. P up so we could go get all snugly, we got a long wait ahead of us little dog before we can jump into bed :/

Rain is predicted again for Wednesday & all day on Thursday...but ~ the weather man keeps telling us that this will clear out for the weekend! Let's hope so!

Any big plans out there for the Columbus Day Weekend? Us, we're heading to the pumpkin patch ~ YAY!!! I love to go out there, we have been going to the same one for years now. They let you pick your own pumpkin!! Monday I'm hitting the outlets with Barb, Karen & the Katelin the Babe!! Barb & Karen are sisters & Katelin is Karen's little girl...we love to shop together & laugh all day long!

That's about it for me...

Mr. P's alarm just went off and Ms. B is already in the room barking at him to get up, just a bit spoiled!!

Until tomorrow....


  1. It's so funny how differently we can view rain for one location to the next. When we lived on the East coast, we got tired of the rain. Here, when it rains, everyone is outside playing in it because it's so rare.

    My in-laws will be visiting over the weekend. I'm trying to get the house ready, but I'm really sick. Yuck! My goal for now is just to get the guest room (which is also my messy sewing room...) all set up for them.

    Have a wonderful evening!

  2. lol...funny little mushroom head man!! What a mini-ha-ha. Are you getting the same weather from the same tropical storm we had in Jacksonville????? YUCK!
    Answering your question..Justin gets his 3 week post-deployment come November. His group is the second go-round. Probably better that way so he can get readjusted back on LeJeune, and have his buddies to talk to who were there in it with him...Hopefully handle and take care of any possible or potential PTSD that might even think of cropping up in his mind. He seemed to be doing very well. On the trip back to Jacksonville with me, he talked a lot, and seemed to be thinking it all through ...
    Hugs to you! Hope all that wet stuff stops soon!

  3. Well, hopefully you will get some clear weather for your shopping weekend! It sounds like a load of fun, laughing and shopping... doesn't get much better than that:)

    Enjoy your day my friend! BIG HUGS!

  4. Well you would still be beautiful with mushrooms growing out of your head!! hehe!!

    I do have plans for Columbus Day...MY MARINE IS COMING HOME!!! :) His Birthday is monday and he will have head back to CLJ but we will party Friday, Saturday and Sunday!! :D

    Enjoy your day!! Love you bunches!!

  5. Dogs are great! Toby will look at me when it is 5 pm to be fed. I know he can't tell time!!! How does he do it? We have had sunshine this week and rain is coming. We are switching weather! Have a great week, sweetie! xoxo