Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Day In The Life of Me, Ms. B.....

Sitting in my favorite spot by the slider, I like to sit here so I can keep an eye on those silly squirrels when they hop into my backyard ~ GRRRR!

We went out to the pumpkin patch this afternoon, I got into trouble for barking at the cows :/ they were stinky!

Mom & Dad picked out the pumpkins, I just ran around sniffing everything...we each got one & I got into trouble again when we got home because I tried to eat the stems. Who knew they were for decoration, don't put them on the floor if you don't want me to eat them!

After that we just hung out all afternoon, that's about it.

My mom is helping dad get his things ready for his hunting trip, I wanted to go but he's going for deer. I don't do deer, only birds! Looks like I'll be going out on Wednesday ~ WOOF WOOF!

Have a great nigt, Mom will be back tomorrow night!


  1. Well, Ms. B... Now I know why you have such a long face:) I had a feeling someone had hurt your feelings! Tell your Mama that I said to cut you a little slack for chewing on the pumpkin stems! I hope you get to go bird hunting with your Dad, I know you will enjoy that!

    Love you bunches! Ganky

  2. Ms. B, my puppy likes to chew on the pumpkin stems too. Apparently, they are very nice to chew on. Sorry you got in trouble. :(

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  3. Ms. B... my baby Toby likes to lay at the slider and watch the squirrels too! He never catches one but they sure bug him! Have fun on Wednesday!

  4. Well Ms. B...I am glad to hear from you and I can't believe that you got into trouble for chewing on a stem...I will have a talk with your mama about that!! I hope you get to go bird hunting this week...I know you will do good!! Enjoy your evening and tell your mama I said hello and that I love her very much!!