Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fresh Baked Bread Here, Fresh baked Bread....

This was how I spent my Sunday...tried out my new mixer & I LOVED IT!!!! I made a white bread & a cinnamon swirl bread that I let rise and then froze, one of my Marines favorites so that will be thawed and ready to pop in the oven before we head off to get him the night before Thanksgiving from the yummy cinnamon bread waiting for him after a long flight!!

Mr. P was so happy, he said that if he closed his eyes and took a deep breath he would have thought his Grammy Miranda had made dinner...That was the best compliment a girl could ask for. I made him a Portuguese (Yankee Pot roast) Pot roast with sweet potatoes & extra hot chourico & a homemade bread!!! He was smiling from ear to ear!!

I asked him to make a picture of me with my hot out of the oven mouth was watering & he had already cut into it :)

Nikky & Mike have a big Halloween Party coming up, it's 80/90's theme, should be fun!!! I hope that they put up some pictures...they are really enjoying being newlyweds & they are so cute together! They compliment one another and that makes me so happy to know that she is so loved!!

Billy & Katrina spent the weekend in South Va. half way for the both of them! He starts training next week :/ Good luck my beautiful son, I hope to hear from you soon! Billy has decided to travel up to DC for the Marine Corps Ball, he will be escorting Katrina. She went out shopping for her gown, no Dress Blues for that Marine this year ~ SHE WANTS A BEAUTIFUL GOWN!!! YOU GO GIRL!!

That's about it for my Sunday...

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...

Please continue for our Marines & our Military....


  1. Wonderful picture of you sweet Lynda! I think you are just the cutest and sweetest friend that I have never seen but love to pieces:) Your new mixer looks like it has already paid for itself with the goodies you have made! I wish I could think far enough ahead to make something for the future and freeze it. You are smart, on top of cute and sweet! Enjoy your evening my friend! Big hugs and can't wait to see pictures from the Halloween party AND the Marine Corps Ball! Love you!

  2. Share the cinnamon bread recipe. I'd love to trythat one.

  3. Ooh-la-la...NICE...very nice!! so shiny and new! I know you have had fun! That picture of you is GREAT!!! And you look like a girl who has a new pretty in her house!! lol!! The bread looks yummy. I'll be looking for that recipe post too!
    Hope it keeps you smiling through your Monday!
    Hugs to you!

  4. I can tell you and that mixer are gonna get along wonderfully!! :)

    And honey you are just precious...I never get to see pictures of you!!! And the bread looks pretty good too!! Enjoy your evening...Love you bunches!

  5. What a great day you both had! I would love home made bread. num! You sure scored points with the husband! Hope your week is just as good! love ya! xoxo Check out my daughters blog today! We had a scare!

  6. Such a beautiful new mixer. Love it! That bread looks soooooo good. Yum!