Monday, October 18, 2010

Every Picture Tells A Story....

Oh boy, what a LLLLLLLOOOOONNNNGGGG day today! YIKES! Leave for work and it's dark out, arrive back at home after a long day & it's dark out! This time of year I start turning every light in the house on & leave them on until I go to bed :? it makes Mr. P crazy but I don't care, I can't stand the dark...actually I am afraid of the dark. Always have been ~ BOO!

Creepy things live under the bed and in the closet at night ( I really used to believe this when I was little)...I never let my feet stick out from under the covers and I pull the blankets up tight all the way to my ears!!! Crazy I know, I have always been afraid of the dark. I hate to have to get up in the middle of the night for fear of something grabbing my feet. I have never been able to overcome this silly phobia of mine! I sleep with the T.V. on because I don't like the quiet. I never turn it on all day long when I am home because I can't stand listening to it but as soon as the sun goes down the lights come on and so does the T.V.

I don't know why I am spilling the beans on this secret you'll all think I'm some kind of nutter!

Are any of you afraid of the dark????

Oh well, time to go from room to room turning off the lights and backing out of every dark room so that nothing can grab me & then sprint up the stairs to my bedroom ~ LOL!! Yes, I really back out of a darkened room, don't know why...just don't like to turn my back on a dark room! Here I go again, spilling more secrets!



  1. It's OK to tell secrets to friends:) I am not as afraid of the dark in my later years as I was when I was younger! Sometimes when I am in the shower and alone in the house I get to thinking I hear something! I guess on movies, it's when someone is in the shower... the weirdo shows up! Anyway, if you need rescuing from the dark, I'll send PA:)

    Love you bunches!

  2. Secrets are okay amongst friends because we can and will accept you just the way you are. ;) We all have our own little things that get to us.

    I'm once again up too late, so I must now say goodnight. Oh, and even though we do not have a fear of the dark, we do have night lights all over the house. They're the kind that come on automatically once it gets dark.

  3. I am so glad that you feel like that you can tell us anything!! Bloggers shares secrets with one another!! :)

    I am not afraid of the dark but I like to have a light on just in case I need to see something...hehe!!

    Enjoy your day!! Love you very much!!

  4. Hey girl! Catching up and Checking back in to bloggy world...which somehow I thought had been put on standby...or something like that...just one of my brain farts....
    I am glad we bloggy girls can be open and honest about our secrets ... we got each other's backs there... I cut on little lamps all over my house every night too, just cause I like it. I love to be coming back in from a nightly walk and see my house lit up in the distance! and I have little twinkle lights around the house that NEVER go off...period. just a part of what makes me! and my home! So good for you... Besides we all know Mr P loves you no matter WHAT!!! :-)

    Sounds like you had fun shopping til you dropped...literally!!! :-) :-) Fall is GOOD! Love the changes.

    Hugs to you bloggy sis!

  5. I am TOTALLY AFRAID OF THE DARK!!!!! Julie walks at night??? Is she crazy? Not this girl. When it starts getting dark the lights come on and the curtains and blinds get shut tight! I am afraid someone is going to peek in at me. Part of it is because I cannot see at all in the dark! Total night blindness. Papa can cruise the whole house without tripping or bumping at all. Not me. I totally relate to you, girlfriend! When Papa is not home I keep lights on and the tv. That is my confession. xoxo