Sunday, September 19, 2010

Worked Like A Do Double G Today....

I have been ironing for hours & that's just my clothes! Mr. P hasn't gotten his things together yet & if he waits any longer he'll be nude in North Carolina ~ YIKES!

All of my clothes are ironed and laid out on Billy's bed, packed 5 pairs of sandals, my shoes for the wedding, my jewelry, my PJs, shorts, Capri's, shirts, 2 cardigans, socks for the room (I don't like to step on the carpets ~ ewwww), my traveling clothes for our return trip & my traveling clothes for the ride down. The traveling outfits are pure comfort, tee shirts, long yoga pants, socks to keep my tootsies warm, a sweatshirt...Mr. P cranks the air. My pillow and a blanket! I tend to over pack but, hey, I'm prepared for every situation ;D

I'm Good To Go as our Marine would say..

So lets keep our fingers crossed that my friend get his stuff together for me to iron or else it will be an X-Rated Road Trip ~ LOL!!!

Going to scoot, Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless....


  1. Alright, I am voting for the x-rated road trip... hehe! Sounds like all is planned for this wonderful time!

    Love you all and praying for a safe and wonderful wedding journey!

  2. What a trip that would be!! But I bet at the last minute he will grab his clothes and off you both will go!! I know that you have planned for this trip for so long and it will be just perfect! Enjoy your time, take lots of pics and stay safe!! Love you so much!!