Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nikky & Mike's Wedding.....

We laughed from the moment we arrived....friends & family! What a way to start a new life together ~ the joy and happiness that we shared all weekend was truly amazing!

Nikky & Mike were gracious hosts, the hotel and surrounding area was simply beautiful!

They have the most incredible group of friends....

Friday was spent by the pool and on the beach, everyone mingling back and forth laughing and chatting!

Billy & Katrina made it in at about 2:30am on Saturday morning, napped and then hung out with all of us!

I took so many pictures it was hard to pick just a few!!!

Nikky was absolutely beautiful and Mike was a most handsome groom :) ~ I have never seen two people so much in love....I shed a few happy tears and then it was PARTY TIME!

Thank you all for your well wishes...Nikky & Mike thank you too!


  1. I SURE DID MISS YOU:) Happy to have you back home safely and oh what a gorgeous wedding! Nikky is so pretty and Mike is handsome, they look so cute together! Love her dress and flowers!

    And you, dear Lynda are beautiful! I LOVE your dress too and that sweet smile:)! Go Mr. P... LOOKIN GREAT! I am happy for all of you that you got to spend time together with Billy and Katrina, precious couple!

    Love you all, thanks for sharing the pictures and so happy it was perfect... the wedding and the weather!

  2. I've been anxiously awaiting your return, so I could see the pictures and hear the stories. Nikky looks gorgeous! You look fabulous. You all look great, and it looks like you had so much fun.

    Nikky's bouquet is so different and pretty. Love it!

    Thanks for sharing your special memories with us.

  3. I absolutely love the pictures... and everything about the wedding... from the flowers, to the bride, to the location, to the mother of the bride! Everything was gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your life with us! xoxo