Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Marine Is Busy......

WE got to talk to Billy last night for a few minutes, he starts the Corporals Course the week after Nikky's wedding, he was promoted back in March but didn't have time to take the course. It's a requirement to be able to move up to Sargent...that would be nice. He works so hard & really enjoys mentoring the Junior Marines.

He's scheduled to take a combat first aid course, not crazy about that one :/ after that he begins combat preparedness. He is scheduled to go to Florida after the Cpl's course for some you think if I wrote a letter to say oh, Mr. President they would let him become a secretary to someone??? No, wishful thinking, I know!

He & Katrina are still working out the travel details and if all goes according to plans she will be able to attend Nikky's wedding. That would be so nice if she was able too, we have been corresponding back and forth for just about a little over a year now and when ever they are together they call and we get to talk to her! Very sweet girl. She's from Alaska, all of her family lives there in a tiny little village...she's stationed in Washington, DC. They take turns traveling to one another. OH to be young again...

Well, my furry friend needs a potty break.

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless ~ oh before I go, more prayers have been answered, Julie's Justin has moved back to Camp Leatherneck...Thank you, Lord!!! Not much longer now & he'll be BOOTS ON US SOIL!!!



  1. That is one fine looking young Marine Son you have there MS. Lynda Platt! He is working hard and it is paying off! You know, Cindy and I were gonna try the Mr. President letter to keep Justin at home too:)

    I know you are looking forward to meeting his lady! It is wonderful that the two of them get to see each other! You will all be together at the Wedding... not too much longer!

    I know Julie is on cloud nine to have her Justin back to safety! I am thanking God for prayers answered!

    Love you my friend! Have a restful evening! HUGS!

  2. Ooo-Rah coming your way MMS!!! Thank you !!!
    Yes we are on cloud Nine! And pushed back off the edge of our seats finally. whew...Thanking God for His protection over out guy. Well Billy is looking good out there on the NC Coast!!! Hope he is adapting and making new buddies. Maybe he and Justin and Cindy's Justin will meet one another at some point... What a huge place that base is! It stretches on and on and on.
    Keep it Up Corporal Platt! and keep your chin up Mama! You will see him soon!
    Hugs to you. :-)

  3. Oh I know that Julie is just so happy to have Justin at Leatherneck!! I am so thankful and yes...write that letter girl...Maybe you can actually get through to that man!!! And Billy can stay at CLJ!!! Well take that puppy potty and enjoy your evening!! Love you bunches!!!