Thursday, September 2, 2010

Guarding Heaven's Gates.......

Lance Corporal Christopher "Blake" Rodgers was killed in action supporting combat operations in Afghanistan, yesterday, September 1, 2010.....

Blake was due to come home in just a few short weeks. His family will not have a chance to hang the welcome home banners as so many of us have, this afternoon they flew out to Dover, Delaware to meet their precious son's remains and escort him home.

I met Chris through facebook and we formed a friendship, he is very easy to talk to, funny, supportive, as I have done with so many of these Marine Family members we've all exchanged numbers and addresses and a lot of us would chat....Chris was "up with me" during the wee hours of the morning when Billy was "Stuck" in Okinawa. Supportive, funny, laughing me through with his comments of support or just a funny word.

I logged into facebook quite by accident last night and then my phone rang it was another Marine mom, she knew it was late but she hadn't seen me online for a while and didn't want me to read about Blake's passing, it was too late! We cried together, words couldn't describe the overwhelming sadness I was feeling....Chris' excitement at Blake's imminent homecoming was contagious and it was taken away from them in an instant. I posted my condolences and then I spoke to Cindy, see Marine Families love and support one another in a way that most do not understand and won't ever understand because they do not know the constant fear that we live with, the overwhelming pride that we feel for our loved ones who are proudly serving so we don't have to!

There were many tears shed last night...tears for a young man, Blake, that I would never have an opportunity to meet, tears for my precious Mark that I will be hugging on in a few short days, tears for sweet Julie and her son Justin still in harms way, praying for his safe return daily, tears of relief knowing that my sweet Cindy's precious beloved Justin was back on US soil safe and sound, tears of the unknown as my precious son will soon take his turn traveling off into that awful, unforgiving land far far away...tears for all of the mothers, fathers, son, daughter, husbands, wives and friends that worry and pray for their loved ones and for those that have made the ultimate sacrifice....

Tomorrow there will be a moment of silence at 12:45pm EST honor LCpl Blake Rodgers, please take a moment to honor this American Hero....

Please lift Blake up in prayer and please keep his family in your hearts during this difficult time.

Freedom isn't free....

Thank you Lance Corporal Christopher "Blake" Rodgers, You will be forever in our hearts ~ Rest In Peace Devil Dog.

Semper Fi.....


  1. Oh, I know... Cindy and I had our time this morning talking about all of this sadness! I am so proud of this young Man and my heart is breaking for his family! I will be praying for them all that God will hold them in his loving arms and carry them when they are too weak to take another step! Thank you LCPL Christopher Blake Rodgers! I appreciate your service and what you gave for US!

    Love you dear friend! I pray you are not in the path of the Hurricane?

  2. Lynda,

    I saw this on Cindy Lou's post first. It makes me just drained....Emotions truly are always on a roller coaster here..every time Kurt tells me about hurts...just digs a bigger hole for all the sadness I feel for their families...we feel like we are holding our breath sometimes...I am so grateful to this honorable young man, a hero both here and in heaven for giving up his life for others.
    The highest sacrifice. God bless his family with comfort beyond this world, and they are in my prayers. Thank you for praying for my Justin. Hugs to you Dear MMS!

  3. Lynda,

    Blake was with the 1/2!!!!!!!!! He was in Bravo. They were to be pulled out of the war zone soon!!! He was shot in the back through the shoulder while on patrol...Too much blood loss.
    I am weeping tonight... So close...God comfort them. God protect the rest and comfort his band of brothers who will be hurting...
    Dear Lord, please protect them as they protect us...

  4. Semper Fi! Lance Corporal Christopher "Blake" Rodgers. For your Honor, Courage, Commitment you will be remembered...

    I don't know this family, but my heart just aches when I hear of a fallen Marine. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends during this tragic time.

  5. I will pray for them. And, indeed,for ALL of them.

  6. I tell you right are my shoulder to cry on my rock when I need someone! You may be miles away but you are always there when I need you!! I just can't believe this has happened and my heart is so heavy. I can't even begin to imagine what Chris and them are going through and for some reason God made it possible for me NOT to have to go through this and for that I am so thankful! I will be going and showing our support for this TRUE HERO!! May God ever hold his family close and lift them each up during this time!!

    I love you Lynda Platt...You are such a Dear Friend to me!! Us Marine Families do stick together!!