Friday, September 17, 2010


I have been thinking about Thanksgiving Dinner all day long...if I close my eyes I can smell the turkey cooking, the pies baking, the wine glasses clinking...oh my!!!

I am drooling all over myself! Every year around this time I start to get excited for that special day, it's not like any other rushing about, no frills, just good old fashioned home cooking, football, laughter, family & lots of LOVE!!!

Do I sound crazy, do any of you feel this way? I keep my Byers Choice dolls in the curio cabinet next to the fireplace so I can look at them all year I took a few of them out to get a real up close & personal look! They will be coming out the first of November, I'll deck my mantle out with the white lights and put those little cuties out!!

I have been bitten by the holiday bug a bit early I guess ;D

Well, I have to run. I have a lot to do tomorrow, pick up dresses, deliver centerpieces, finish up the welcome bags, pack...I GOTS' TO GET BUSY!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless.... please keep praying, it really works!!


  1. I could get a little excited about the Holidays when it cools off a little! Lots of bloggers are getting out their decorations for Fall but it is 92 degrees here today:( Still HOT! It cooled off a little and then warmed right back up!

    Get all your work done for that Wedding! It's GETTING close!

    Love ya bunches! HUGS!

  2. I love the holidays. Mmmm... Thanksgiving dinner. It definitely needs to cool off a bit before the idea of cooking a large dinner really sounds good. lol!