Monday, September 6, 2010

Howdy Folks.....

Mr. P has had a few days off & I find it difficult to stick to any type of schedule when he is home....and I don't always get a chance to blog :/ spent the morning catching up with everyone’s weekend doings, looks like you all enjoyed yourselves!

We spent the day Saturday getting Mr. P's wedding attire, can I just say that I do not like to shop with that man!!! NO WAY NOT ONE BIT!!!

Sunday we cleaned out the garage, I found a pair of very very old ladies ice-skates and some ice tongs and a few oil lamps. The house that we live in was once owned by my husband’s grandparents so anything is bound to turn up!!! I wouldn't let Mr. P throw them out, he was a bit irritated and said "We're trying to clean it out and you want to save this trash" ~ HMMMM, you know the old saying "One man's trash, is another man’s treasure!!"

Then we headed off to see our friends Mary & Joe and of course Mark, he looked fantastic and he wrapped the two of us in a giant bear hug! Ahh that was the best part of the day!

Today it was shopping with Ms. Nikky, Kohl's. We had fun and we got some good bargains, I am tempted to go back and pick up the cute little cardigan I spotted!!!

Remember wayyyy back I told you that I was doing something special for Nikky for her wedding & I couldn't share it with you just yet???? I was having my pearl earrings that I wore on my wedding day reset for her to wear on her wedding day!! They weren’t' ready for he shower and I was a little disappointed, they came in on Friday so we gave them to her this afternoon while she was here...I thought they turned out so pretty, I think she liked them...see for yourself!!!


  1. Well, I am sure I would rather shop with you and Nikky that Mr. P:) Men aren't much fun to shop with. They are more "grab something and get outta there" than "shopping"!

    LOVE the earrings! I think that is just the sweetest thing ever! Great job and I know she loved them!

    Enjoy your evening and you need a trunk of stuff to hide from Mr. P so he doesn't throw it out:)

    Love you all

  2. What a great idea. They are so pretty and I can't wait to see the pictures of the bride wearing them.

  3. vintage ice skates....woot! and those earrings are GORGEOUS...what a fantastic and wonderful idea. How special will she feel putting those on knowing the history in them...LOVE it!
    Hugs to you. Don't throw those ice skates out. They would look so cute hanging on a wreath for Christmas decor!!!! woo hoo!
    Hugs to you!

  4. Shopping with a man is a NONO!!! I hate and just about refuse to do it!! Unless it is with my Justin and he loves to shop and has really good taste!!

    OMGoodness!! Those earrings are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I know that Nikky just loved them and she is going to be such a beautiful bride...I can't wait to see pictures!!

    Enjoy your evening and glad you got up with us today!! Love you more than you will ever know!!!