Sunday, September 12, 2010

Junkin' The Day Away....

I was left to my own devices for most of the day yesterday, Mr. P had to work :/ & oh boy did I have big plans....

Yard sales, Good Will, Savers, St. Vincent’s ~ it was a mad dash all morning long....

Just take a look at my treasures....

Sweet & I got them for a song 75 cents for the both of them ~ woot woot! They are little bells. I washed them up in warm soapy water and now they are sitting on my mantle each has a place of honor...they are watching over Nikky & Billy <3 my Baby Angels!

I have a thing for shoes, take a look. Aren't they just too cute?

This little cutie was just a buck, would you just love to have a pair of button up boots like that?

And just take a look at this little darlin'???? This one was my most pricey find of the day, 1.25 ;D


I picked up an old book too but I forget it at St. Vincent's. I go in there so often and the elderly gentleman that runs the shop knows me by name & he has my telephone number as I am a lover/collector of bean pots & "shoes", he called and left a message on my machine. He put it aside for me & Mr. P will run by and get it on Tuesday. It's so old, the last copyright date is 1915, it was written in 1875 ~ a story about a boy in Holland. A children's book, but I think I just might sit down and read it this winter.

It was a quiet day and a day for reflection...Blake was honored yesterday, the pictures from his funeral were so moving and beautiful. My heart was heavy all day...I lit my candle to honor Blake & the 9/11 Heroes ~ Never Forget.

I'm going to run, things to do before I can sit & relax.

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...


  1. Ahhh, sounds like a day I would love to have shared with you:) I am drawn to old books, any kind... I think they are beautiful! The boots are precious!

    Enjoy your evening my friend! Hope you get to rest some. I am resting before chores:)

    Love you bunches!

  2. Sounds like a great day!! Britani has several of those little boots and we love them!!
    Enjoy your evening!! Love you bunches!!