Monday, September 20, 2010

When They Call....

Nikky & mike a.k.a. The Bride & Groom

Billy & Katrina a.k.a. The Marines

Billy - "Hello mom, you aren't going to believe this. The pants I bought are too big!!"

Lynda a.k.a. Mom - "Didn't you try them on before you paid for them?"

Billy - "Umm, no!"

Mom - "Oh Billy, well...what size are you wearing these days?"

Billy- "Oh, see that's the thing. I think I have a pair of dress pants in the closet in my room???"

Mom - "No you don't you got rid of them. Do you need me to go to Express and pick up a pair of pants for you?"

Mom - "Hello Hello, Billy are you there???" "CALL LOST"


Billy - "Hi, mom?"

Mom - "Yes, hi. Did you hear what I asked you before we got cut off?"

Billy - "No?"


Mom - "Do you want me to go to Express tomorrow night and get you a pair of pants?"

Billy - "Would you please?"

Mom - "Yes..."

Stopped by the mall, needed to grab something (can't tell you what it was just yet)...

Home Sweet Home :)


Mom - "Hello, HI!"

Billy- "Mom, hi."

Mom - "Hi Billy, what's up sweets?"

Billy- "Can I check into my room at about 1:00am on Saturday morning?"

Mom - "What, why?"

Billy - "Katrina is able to come and her train gets in on Friday night at about 9:30pm, after we get her bag and get back to the truck and head out it should be about 12:30 - 1:00am by the time we get there."


Mom - "Hello, Hi Nik! I'm on the phone with Billy...yes, I did, beautiful! Yes very nice! Let me call you back in one minute! Love Ya!"

Mom- "Hi Billy, that was Nik, oh, o.k. I will. So Katrina will be able to make it? That's great, we are looking forward to meeting her & I am looking forward to having one more Marine to hug! O.k., let me call the hotel...hang on....Billy, all set. Either dad or myself will meet you in the lobby on Saturday morning with the confirmation paper!"

Mom - "Love ya, yes; I'll bring your black dress shoes. What, I love you too. You don't feel well, what's wrong. You feel funny; your legs feel heavy, what were you doing, oh cardio, in a sweatshirt, ugh. Do you need me to come down there? I will, please be sure to drink plenty of fluids, please HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE! What, no I'm your mother and I can tell you what to do if I want!"

Mom - "I'll kick your butt when I see you if you don't listen to me!"

Billy - "Love ya mom, thanks. You always have my back, you're the best! I love ya, call you tomorrow!"

Mom - "O.k., love you too, feel better, have a good night. Sweet dreams kiddo!"

Mom - "Hi, Nik! Oh, well, problem with his pants. Yup, I'm going to go get him another pair tomorrow...Katrina can make it, so he's excited about that! You sound tired, are you o.k."

Nik - "Oh brother, I am exhausted..."

Mom - "Well, go get into bed and go to sleep, you need to rest."

Nik - "O.k., I'll see you tomorrow. Nite mom, love you."

Mom - "I love you too Nik."

Kiddos (yes as old as they are they are still my kiddos) are all set...on their way to bed & so am I!!!



  1. AND no matter how old they get, how ever many kids they have... they will always be your kiddos AND will always NEED you to have their back:)

    Love you bunches and happy to hear it is all coming together for the Wedding! WELL, with a small pants problem:)

    Rest easy my friend!

  2. Oh Sweetie...
    Isn't that just the sweetest conversation? I love it. When my kids get sick or don't feel well, they always give me a call. They are 29, 32 and 34. It makes me still feel useful.

    Can't wait to see the pictures of the wedding. What a wonderful time of year to have one too.

    Have a wonderful trip. So happy for you all.
    Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  3. Love the whole phone revolving doors! :-) :-)
    Hoping you have a fantastic time...
    So much going on and hectic around here, feel like I'm missing out on so much in blogland.
    Happy Wedding to you Mom of the bride!!!

  4. My head is spinning from that conversation. ;) Glad it's all working out and falling into place. You're a good momma.

  5. Oh, I have had so many of those conversations!! I have one more than you and so mine gets a little more crazy but we still love them and can always work out whatever they call with!! hehe!! Us moms are miracle workers and they can call and we will answer always!!

    Enjoyed being a part of the conversations...I love you so much!!

  6. That was so fun to read!!! I felt like I was listening in. lol! I am just catching up on blogs... cannot believe the wedding day is finally here! Have fun!!! I cannot wait for the pictures!!! Thank you for your prayers! Love you! xoxo