Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm Feeling Poopie.........

Get it, LOL!!!

Sorry I wasn't around yesterday, I had to prep for my colonoscopy & well let's just say that I spent more time in the powder room than I did in any other room in my home last night!

TMI I know but it's see, I lost my father to colon cancer. He was only 47 years old, the only one of his grand babies that remembers him is our Nikky. Billy was only a little guy, just three years old. They have missed out on having a Papa, not just any old Papa, but a Papa that would have been there every step of the way with them. Crying (he was sappy LOL) & snapping prom pics, cheering when Nikky was accepted at UMASS, whooping it up at Thanksgiving Day football games, probably would have been here the day our son walked out the door and down the driveway with the USMC Recruiter, standing tall and proud watching his grandson graduate Marine Boot. I know that he would have wrestled Mr. P for the chance at escorting Nikky on her wedding day, she was his first, his baby "Tricky-Nikky", his pride & joy :)

So when the day comes that my two beautiful babies decide to make me a grandparent I want to be there to witness everything, every step, every breath, every tear, every birthday, every ballet recital, every baseball or football game....EVERYTHING.....That's why I get these done ~ like it our not JUST BIT THE BULLET and GET IT DONE!!

After all of these years with my dad being gone I still miss him & think about him every day. There have been so many things that I have wanted and needed to tell him.

I love & miss you dad!


  1. Oh how sweet:) What a handsome and precious Daddy! I am sorry that you were cheated but that your kids were cheated too. Life just isn't fair, is it? He looks like my Brother Leon in that picture. I'll find the picture and show you!

    Now, I had a colonoscopy at age 50? I think and all was well. I guess I am due for another at age 60 and I'll be there to get it done. The actual procedure isn't bad, it's the day before that I dread! Good Girl for getting it checked out!

    Love you bunches, get you some rest and HEY, you won a giveaway from Angelique at...

  2. Kudos to you. You are the picture of Courage to me today...yikes...It is time for me to go and have one done pretty soon. and you think I am looking forward to it???? No. NO! Heck NO!
    Feeling poopy...(lol...sorry) is right...
    Hope you feel better simply because you DID it! RAH! Sorry about your daddy... :-(
    Hugs to you and GOOD FOR YOU!!!

  3. Good for you on just biting the bullet and getting it done. It's hard when our parents are taken from us way too soon. (((hugs)))

  4. I admit when I first so your picture I went "ewwww"... then I read your post I got all teary eyed. How sad to lose your dad at such a young age. I am so sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you... I miss my daddy too. I am very proud of you for keeping up on the testing! xoxo