Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Help, I've Fallen & I Can't Get Up........

Yes I fell, right down the cellar stairs...I held onto the railing for dear life and my feet just kept slipping, slipping, slipping...I was all shook up!!! My biggest fear is falling and twisting my neck, I never regained full range of motion after my surgery last year and the slightest movement the wrong way and my arms go numb and my hands turn blue ~ EEEEKKKK!!!

So, yes down down down I went :/ I have a big ole' bruise on my left side & my heart still hasn't stopped pounding. When I got to the bottom I slipped down onto my big ole' badonkadonk so at least I had some good passing ~ LOL!!! I started to laugh and cry & I was so happy the only one watching me was little ole' Ms. B!!

What was I going down into the cellar for, why the laundry you silly girls!!! Next time I'm going to let it pile up...

That's about it for this gal...

Blake came home to Griffin, GA this afternoon. I watched the FOX news clip and couldn't hold back the tears. My heart is just breaking for his family. Please continue to pray for Chris, Jane & Emily and please continue to lift Blake up in prayer.

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless....


  1. OH MY!!! I sure hope that you are ok!! Girl you just let that laundry go and you can just go buy you new clothes!!!

    I hope that you feel ok in the morning and that you won't be too sore!! Love you bunches!!

  2. Oh Lynda, bless your little heart! I hope you aren't too sore from the fall! You be careful and we'll come up and help with the laundry:)

    Love you bunches! Ganky

  3. Bless your Big Heart and your Little Badonkadonk! :-) I'm glad you could laugh.
    I too have had something scary happen sometimes and laughed so hard because I was OKAY!!! but laughing so hard made the tears come out and then they started flowing because I thought of what if..... After I catch my breath and snuff real big, I say THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!!! sigh...we gotta be careful with ourselves... Did MS. B come up and start licking your face???? that's what my dawgs always do ,,which is part of why I start laughing or shrieking... :-)
    I AM praying for Blake's family. When Life is at its Hardest....God is still Good....
    Love you. HUGS.....

  4. Wow... that's not good. Do you have steep stairs? I guess that is a dumb question because stairs hurt either way. Praying you aren't too sore!!! I am praying for the Rodgers family and all of the sons/daughters who serve our country so bravely... and all the families. So sad.
    Have a wonderful day with no falls today. xoxo