Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Running Like A Chicken....

with her head chopped off ~ EEEEEEKKKKKK!!!!

As this wedding gets closer I find more & more things to do!!! Tonight I was on wedding gown duty...pack it up & haul it back up to the bridal shop to be pressed, not to bad right??? WRONG ~ only one little seamstress working tonight and she spoke broken English...I had to wait almost an hour to speak with her and leave the dress. "Ma'am, I really really need it to be done and ready to be picked up by the 21st!!!!" O ~ K smile...UGHHHH! I found another girl who was hanging dresses back up and she was able to tell the seamstress what I needed done and when I needed the dress for.

Back home, YIKES it was 8:00pm no dinner, starving....S%$#!!!! I had to run out again to play my numbers. I have been playing the same numbers every week since Billy graduated from PI and well since I am nuts and highly superstitious I just had to go back out and play them because if I didn't they would have have been the numbers that came up on the screen tomorrow morning & I would have had to have jumped out the window :/ if I hit big we're all going on a junking trip ~ Now doesn't that sound like a little slice of fun fun fun!!!

O.k., this old gal has to scoot...

Please keep the Rodgers family in your prayers, they are going to be needing all of the prayers we can muster in the next few days and the days to come....

Sweet dreams all!


  1. Oh I bet that as the days do get closer you all are running around more and more!! But I know that everything will turn out perfect!

    My prayers have been and will continue to be with the Rodgers!! My heart just breaks for them each time I think about what they are going through!

    Enjoy your evening my dear friend!! I love you so much and I hope that you are ok from your fall!!

  2. It all comes together and will be beautiful! Can't wait to see the pictures!

    My heart is breaking for Blake's family! I don't know them but feel like I do now! I can't imagine how they are feeling!

    Have a most blessed day! Love you bunches!

  3. You make me laugh!! Hahahahaha..playing the numbers... you are a hoot. but hey if you win, I will be able to say I know somebody who hit it BIG....RAH!

    Come down here when you have all that money and I'll take you JUNKIN'!!!!!

    Don't stress,,,everything will go well. :-)