Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where Has The Time Gone.....

Ladies, can you believe that we are just about half way through August? Time is just speeding by...

In just 45 days Nikky will be married lady, can you believe it??!! YIKES, YEOW, WOOOHOOO!!! We just have a few things left to do and I can't wait to share the pictures with all of you! Her dress is all set, now I just need to get mine done ~ wish me luck!

Billy is slowly adjusting; CLJ isn't like Okinawa at all. It isn't a structured as Okinawa and well quite honestly the buddies that he made while in Japan are either still there or off to other duty stations and they all miss one another! Katrina is stationed in DC and he has been up there several times. Once parade season is over she will be heading down to CLJ to see him when she has her "free" 96 in a few weeks!

I've started thinking about our fall activities...."Oktoberfest" , pumpkin picking, baking wonderful breads, raking leaves, Pumpkin Spice Beer, Westport Vineyards......I'd like to go up to New Hampshire this fall to see the foliage and to hit the outlets, you didn't think I'd drive all the way to New Hampshire just to look at leaves did you??? Silly girls!

Well, I must go. Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless.

Please keep praying it really works!


  1. Happy to hear that all items are being checked off for the wedding! Can't wait to see pictures! I know Billy misses his buddies but hopefully they will all get together sometime soon! Good to know he is getting to see Katrina! I bet that makes them both smile:) Anyway, sounds like a good plan to go looking at the fall foliage and perhaps doing a little shopping!

    Enjoy your evening my dear friend! HUGS!

  2. Saw you had posted right before I am getting ready to hit the rack! :-) Waking at 5:45 is a "little" early for me and I am yawning...
    yes, lady, you are right. August is really moving. I hope it stays that way. Continuously moving and keeping busy makes it easier waiting.
    BUT!.....I will be rooting for you to get all your stuff done!!! Planning Fall already??? You go girl. I was thinking good Fall food things for when Justin gets his 3 week leave in November. It's chili and stew and soup and bread weather! Shoot it will be almost Thanksgiving!!! Turkey bird..... The 64,000 dollar question is..........Will Ms. B be huntin'??????????????????? :-)
    Hugs and have a great Thursday...YOUR Friday.!

  3. Time is flying! I am excited to see the pictures too. What a thrilling, fun, stressful time! I can't even think about fall yet. Never look forward to it. I need to change my attitude. xoxo Have a wonderful day and night!

  4. Time really is flying by. I can't wait to see pictures! I'm ready for the more comfortable temperatures of fall.

    It's always difficult adjusting to new duty stations. Hopefully, he'll be making some new buddies soon, and he'll be able to connect with some of the old buddies as well...

  5. Time is swiftly moving right along and before you know it she will be married and you will be able to show off you sweet precious daughter in all her wedding gear!! And frankly I can not wait!!!

    I can't wait for fall!! I have enjoyed the summer but yes I am ready for some cooler weather! Enjoy my friend!!

    Love you bunches!!