Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cranky Pants That's Me......

I woke up with a head/neck ache & feeling really Really REALLY cranky & tired...have you ever had one of those days, well, have you??? See, cranky! Sorry...

I got mad at the laundry, mad at the heat & humidity that came back late morning in full force, mad at the ironing I had to do, mad at the dinner I had to fix, mad because the TV was turned up way too loud, mad because I tripped over Mr. P's ginormous sneakers, just mad & you guessed it cranky.

Mr. P has a knack for cranking me up when I'm really cranky, why, do you get a kick out of seeing me get flustered??? Hmmmmm, he does it all of the time. He likes to crank me up & tickle me, pinch & poke me ~ today was no different! Please don't tease me I am trying to so hard not to be a crankster and you just keep going, please do not tickle me, please stop poking me...PLEASE STOP!!! I fixed his wagon, he tried to bip me on the nose with his big ole' pointer finger and I bit him!!! Yup, just like a mad dog, I asked you to stop wagging your finger in my face didn't' I big fella, DIDN'T I?

Then I cried, I sat in the recliner, mind you my feet don't touch the floor, they actually stick straight out, well Mr. P though that I was just too cute & he started laughing & laughing, which, well ladies made me as mad as a hatter.

Full blown, crying jag...UGHHHH!

Hormones Gone Wild, too tired, too stressed, too worried, Do they make a pill or a bubble bath for that???

Ms. B was a crank-pot today too, MR. P says that the apple didn't fall too far from the tree, imagine! Well, we girls stick together. It's too cute to see her snort at him and swat him with her giant paw! He like to poke at her too ;D don't you knwo just let sleeping dogs lie?????

Hoping to get a good nights rest, I think I need it ~ LOL!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...please keep praying!


  1. I had to giggle at this... only because I had a similar day recently! NOTHING went right, I was feeling soooo sorry for myself and took it out on my sweet husband! I even said to him "you ask some of the dumbest questions", now that was just mean! It was just one of those days where... big diamonds and chocolate covered cherries wouldn't have made it OK.

    But, the next day was fine and all was back to perfect:) Enjoy your evening and give Ms. B a big hug from Ganky and take one for yourself!

    Love you all!

  2. Well you know after one of my post last week...I can be a crank pot too!!! Sometimes I can get upset and just know that even when they try to make me laugh the worse it makes me!! I sure hope that you have a happier evening and get some of that much needed rest!! Maybe tomorrow will be a much happier day and no one will mess with you!! Tell Mr. P that I will sock him one if he messes with you too much!! hehe!!! I love you and I am here if you need to chat!!

  3. Boy, did that hit home! Unfortunately, though, I have A LOOOOT of cranky-pants days. My hormones must be on a rollercoaster because when I say a lot, I mean A LOT! I try not to be cranky when I am, but it's to no avail. I can't help it. And, no, I don't think they make a pill or a bubble bath to solve it, because if they did, I'm sure every woman on earth would know about it!

    Hope you feel better today. So far, so good for me.

  4. I was a bit cranky yesterday too! Not to that extreme... only because my 7 year old grand daughter was here and I have to set some kind of example! But when the neighbor boy tried to run over my cat with his bike.. I almost lost it on him! It was building up. Thank you, God, for rescuing him! Praying your week goes better! Love you!