Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Murder Mystery & Football Games.....

Nikky called last night, she and Mike were invited to a 1930's Themed Murder Mystery Dinner Party. It just happens to be Mike's best man Steve so they should have a great time!! The only catch, they have to go in costume. Doesn't that sound like fun?? So she's on the hunt to find costumes. I hope that they take some pictures all dressed up, they'll look so cute!

Then as I was wrapping my night Billy called, he wanted to know if he could use my Stubhub account to order tickets to the Washington Redskins ~ Green Bay Packers game on October 10th, he has a 96 & he is going to surprise Katrina, awwwww SO CUTE! She's from Alaska but LOVES the Redskins...hmmmm ~ we're PATS fans ALL THE WAY BABY!! They should have fun & hopefully they take pictures too!

So that was my Tuesday night, oh and LOTS OF LAUNDRY :/

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!!! Please keep praying it really works!


  1. Oh I wish I could help with the costumes, I love playing dress-up:) I am happy that Billy is making plans for some off time! Football, can't wait!

    I didn't do the first load of laundry like I should have. So guess what I have to do tomorrow morning! EEEEECCCCKKKKK!

    Enjoy your evening! HUGS!

  2. Oh that sounds like so much fun and I think that I would enjoy that!! I hope they do too!! Please tell her to take lots of pictures and share them with us!!

    I always get to excited when it is football time....LOVE IT!!

    I did not do any laundry today...but have some that needs to be done...UGH!!!
    Enjoy your evening...Love you bunches!

  3. Your youngin's are having fun! WHAT are you up to....doing laundry????
    Got weekend beach plans?????
    Hugs! Thanks so much for prayers...

  4. Isn't it so nice that they call you about these little things? Some parents long for that and I know you are so thankful for your close relationship with them! Have a great day!